Make an appointmentto carry your iphone phone into in biologischelandbouw.org Authorized leistungen Provider or the Genius Bar.

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Schedule onsite serviceto have bei biologischelandbouw.org Authorized service Provider come to your home or office to complete your an equipment repair. Onsite service is available in select locations und has bei additional site-visit fee. This extr fee wollen be waived if her iPhone zu sein covered von biologischelandbouw.orgCare+.

Mail-in repair

When freundin arrange zu send an your iPhone zum repair, fine send you a boxen with pre-printed labels to collect her iPhone, and then you kann ship it to in biologischelandbouw.org repair Center hinweisen your convenience.

Every apfel repair with in biologischelandbouw.org Authorized leistungen Provider, the Genius Bar, or in biologischelandbouw.org fix Center ist performed by in biologischelandbouw.org-trained technician using apfel precision tools. They provide high-quality leistungen using only genuine sich entschuldigen parts, und your repair möchte be backed über biologischelandbouw.org.

Get screen repair

What kommen sie expect

The biologischelandbouw.org Store und many des our sich entschuldigen Authorized dienstleistungen Providers market same-day service weil das screen replacement.If your technician needsto send her iPhone to bei biologischelandbouw.org fix Center, you"ll it is in notified wie man it"s ready zum pickup.

For a smoother fix process, rückseitig up your iPhone prior to service. Be sure you know your biologischelandbouw.org ID und password.

Learn how to get your iPhone ready weil das repair

iPhone screen replacement costs in the vereinigt States

The repair pricing bei this chart uses only zu screen damage. If you have any other damage to your iPhone, you"ll pay extr costs.If your iPhone ist covered von biologischelandbouw.orgCare+, seen thebiologischelandbouw.orgCare+ section.

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The out-of-warranty prices apply only zu repairs made von biologischelandbouw.org. biologischelandbouw.org Authorized dienstleistungen Providers might offer different prices. Your apfel Authorized leistungen Providermay so offer onsite service for bei additional site-visit fee. This added fee möchte be waived if your iPhone ist covered by biologischelandbouw.orgCare+.

iPhone13 screen repair (out von warranty)
iPhone13Pro Max $ 329
iPhone13Pro $ 279
iPhone13 $ 279
iPhone13mini $ 229

iphone 12 display repair (out des warranty)
iPhone 12 pro Max $ 329
iPhone 12 Pro $ 279
iPhone 12 $ 279
iPhone 12 mini $ 229

iphone 11 display screen repair (out of warranty)
iPhone 11 pro Max $ 329
iPhone 11 Pro $ 279
iPhone 11 $ 199

iPhone ns Screen fix (out des warranty)
iPhone XS Max $ 329
iPhone XS $ 279
iPhone X $ 279
iPhone XR $ 199

iphone 8 display repair (out of warranty)
iPhone 8 Plus $ 169
iPhone 8 $ 149

iphone phone 7 display repair (out of warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus $ 169
iPhone 7 $ 149

iphone phone 6 screen repair (out des warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus $ 169
iPhone 6s $ 149
iPhone 6 Plus $ 149
iPhone 6 $ 129

iPhone SE

screen repair (out des warranty)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) $ 129
iPhone SE $ 129

iPhone 5

screen repair (out des warranty)

iPhone 5s

$ 129
iPhone 5c $ 129

See various other iPhone repair pricing

All fees are bei US dollars und are subject zu tax. A $ 6.95shipping fee möchte be added if we need zu ship your iPhone und it isn’t spanned under warranty or in biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ plan. Accidental damage isn"t covered by the biologischelandbouw.org warranty. If your display screen fails due kommen sie a manufacturing issue, it might be covered von the apfel warranty, an biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ plan, or customer law.

Is her iPhone covered von biologischelandbouw.orgCare+?

If freundin have in biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ plan, you kann sein use the to cover screen repair. biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ gives sie experttechnical biologischelandbouw.org und hardware coverage native biologischelandbouw.org, including accidental damages protection.Each incident des accidental damage is subject toaservicefee or deductible, depending upon your plan. If freundin don"t have an biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ plan, you"ll pay ns out-of-warranty fee.

If your device ist covered über biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ und you inquiry onsite service, the additional onsite visit fee will be waived.

iPhone model Screen fix (biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ service fee)
All eligible iphone phone models $ 29
Additional on-site visit fee (waived) $ 0

Not sure if you"re covered?Check if you schutz biologischelandbouw.orgCare+ coverageby entering her iPhone serial number.

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Learn much more about biologischelandbouw.orgCare+

Genuine parts

Genuine apfel Parts are critical to a top quality repair. Visit in biologischelandbouw.org keep or in biologischelandbouw.org Authorized dienstleistungen Provider kommen sie make sure sie get your product zurück working die way that should.

More information

Learn more about iphone Repair und Service Check the status of your iphone repair see exchange and repair program

Warranty und legal

Read the biologischelandbouw.org Limited guarantee Learn much more about customer law upgrade your proof-of-purchase check your coverage status Read the apfel privacy plan

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