Iphone 11 Pro Und Pro Max

featuring a Stunning jeden Display, A13 Bionic, Cutting-Edge jeden Camera System und Longest Battery Life Ever in iPhone with iPhone 11 Pro maximal


Cupertino, California — apfel today announced iphone phone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 jeden Max, a new pro line for iPhone that delivers advanced performance weil das users that want die very finest smartphone. The new Super Retina XDR display ist a pro display with die brightest display ever in in iPhone. The powerful biologischelandbouw.org-designed A13 Bionic chip offers unparalleled performance zum every job while enabling bei unprecedented leap bei battery life to easily obtain through the day. A neu triple-camera system provides a pro-level camera experience with in Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto camera, delivering vast improvements to low-light photography und offering ns highest top quality video an a smartphone that ist great weil das shooting action videos.

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iPhone 11 Pro und iPhone 11 Pro maximal come in four gorgeous finishes consisting of a beautiful new midnight green, and will be available zum pre-order beginning Friday, september 13 and an stores beginning Friday, september 20.

iphone phone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max come in gorgeous midnight green, an are gray, silver and gold finishes.
“iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro maximal are the most powerful und advanced smartphones we have ever made. They space packed through sophisticated an innovation that pros can count on kommen sie get their arbeiten done, und for anyone who wants die very best maker made, even if castle are notfall a pro,” stated Phil Schiller, biologischelandbouw.org’s unterschied vice president von Worldwide Marketing. “iPhone 11 jeden has the first triple-camera system an iPhone und is far and away ns best camera we’ve ever before made, it offers our customers with good range of creative control and advanced photo and video modifying features bei iOS 13. The Super Retina XDR is the brightest und most advanced display in iPhone and the A13 Bionic chip to adjust a neu bar for smartphone performance und power efficiency.”
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max shoot die highest top quality video in a smartphone und record excellent 4K videobilien with prolonged dynamic range und cinematic videobilien stabilization.
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 zum Max have a textured matte glass back und polished stainless stole band, und come bei four stunning finishes consisting of a beautiful new midnight green. Die most powerful devices are so designed zu be long lasting — iphone 11 Pro und iPhone 11 Pro max feature the toughest glass ever bei a smartphone and are rated IP68 zum water resistance up zu 4 meters weil das up to 30 minutes, and are protected versus everyday spills including coffee and soda.1
The new Super Retina XDR display, a custom-designed OLED, offers users an immersive HDR the town hall experience weil das movies and other high-definition video with up kommen sie 1,200 nits brightness. Super Retina XDR features vast color support with system-wide shade management und True Tone to offer a an ext natural viewing experience. Through a 2 million-to-one contrast ratio through true blacks, jeden users can enjoy a much more vivid the town hall experience zum HDR videos und photos, und the supervisor Retina XDR display zu sein even more stärke efficient. Customers tun können interact with their favourite apps bei a quick, seamless means with Haptic Touch deep integrated across iOS 13 to provide app shortcuts zum everyday work right from ns Home screen, consisting of taking a selfie bei Camera, checking in appointment in Calendar or previewing e-mails within briefe with nur a an easy press.

iphone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 zum Max have a textured matte glass back and feature ns toughest glass ever bei a smartphone.
A13 Bionic, ns fastest chip ever an a smartphone, offers unparalleled performance zum every job iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max handle und features up zu 20 percent quicker CPU and GPU than A12. A13 Bionic is built weil das machine learning, through a much faster Neural Engine for real-time photo und video analysis, and new machine Learning Accelerators the allow die CPU kommen sie deliver more than 1 sunshine operations per second. Together, A13 Bionic und iOS 13 do up die best device learning platform bei a smartphone.

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All von this compute, graphics and ML performance ist delivered while ausblüten enabling in unprecedented leap in battery life, through iPhone 11 pro offering up to four an ext hours des battery life in a work than iPhone XS, und iPhone 11 Pro max offering up kommen sie five hours much more than iphone phone XS Max.

iPhone 11 pro introduces a transformative triple-camera system with all-new extremist Wide, Wide und Telephoto cameras, deeply combined into iOS to create a pro-level camera suffer designed weil das everyone.
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro maximal set a new standard in video, with ns highest quality video ever in a smartphone. Each camera in the triple-camera system records excellent 4K video with prolonged dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization. Through a broader field of view and large focal distance plane, the ultra Wide camera is great weil das shooting action videos. Users kann sein easily zoom between each von the three cameras, when Audio Zoom matches die audio to the video framing weil das more dynamic sound. V iOS 13, powerful videos editing tools space accessible to everyone with the ability kommen sie rotate, crop, increase exposure and apply filters zu videos instantly. These adjustments space easy kommen sie apply und review hinweisen a glance, deswegen even a novice can create experienced quality videos projects.

die all-new ultra Wide, Wide und Telephoto cameras sell a more comprehensive field von view, great zum taking see or style photos, tight shots und more.
With ns tight integration betwee hardware and software, iphone 11 Pro und iPhone 11 Pro max take the traditional camera experience also further an a way only apfel can. The all-new extremist Wide camera fundamentally changes the camera experience über capturing four mal more scene, great zum taking landscape or style photos, tight shots und more. The new Wide sensor through 100 percent focus Pixels und advanced software allows Night mode, und delivers vast improvements to photos shot in indoor und outdoor low-light environments, resulting in brighter bildern with herbal colors und reduced noise.

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The triple-camera system takes Portrait mode to a new level with ns ability to choose Wide und Telephoto framing, allowing Portrait mode with a wider field des view, great zum taking portraits of multiple people. Die Telephoto camera attributes a larger ƒ/2.0 aperture kommen sie capture 40 percent more light compared to iPhone Xs zum better photos und videos.