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It’s no secret—hoverboards space a fun and convenient way kommen sie travel around town. However with dafür many versions on the market, how can you be certain you’re buying ns one that’s right zum you?

Before you drop her cash on a feuer new board, sie should have a baseline so that sie know what a good hoverboard tun können do.

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IO Hawk: the Original Hoverboard

Today we’re talk about ns IO Hawk—the initial hoverboard that started it all.

This is the hoverboard that started the self-balancing scooter trend. It made the debut an 2015 through a price tag of about $1,700 und soared in popularity due zu social media.

The high preis tag made the a favorite amongst celebrities. Wiz Khalifa, justin Bieber, jamie Foxx, und Kendall jenner were a few celebs who posted photos des it on their Instagram and Twitter pages.

And, like all an excellent trends, that is celebrity status führen zu to a huge rise bei demand weil das the product.

But what began as in exclusive “toy” came to be a must-have for trendsetters and those “in-the-know.” Knock-off versions were everywhere, but die cheaper versions made die news for bursting right into flames.

As die cheap knockoffs failed, die demand for the original IO Hawk just increased. (Today, those fire safety concerns are no longer an issue and most hoverboards be affected by each other UL safety certification).

So what zu sein it about this hoverboard that makes it deshalb popular despite its preis tag? Well, it’s something des a status symbol. Over there are good hoverboards on the market at well under $1,000, but die IO eagle carries ns cache the others carry out not.

IO hawk Product Specs

This hoverboard isn’t nur a status symbol zum its name und notable position von having been the zuerst of the kind. It provides some amazing features that set die standard weil das the sector as a whole.

But some can say that it’s product specs pale bei comparison zu newer, less expensive versions.

Charge it for three hours kommen sie enjoy 10-12 miles von travel ~ above a full charge at a oberteil speed des 6.2 mph. It has actually a carrying capacity des 265 pounds, und it weighs just 22 pounds, making it fairly easy zu carry.

It’s powered über a 36V lithium-ion battery and includes stylish führen zu lights. But, the lacks Bluetooth capability. The colors room standard und stylish—you’ve gott your choice von black, white, blue, red, or yellow.

IO eagle Models

As with any reputable brand, die IO Hawk ist now available in a variety des different models. Exactly how do those new models stack trost against the original? Let’s break it down.

IO eagle Signature

This version is the more affordable version of the original IO Hawk. It has many of the same functions as ns original model but has upgrades kommen sie compete with newer, much less expensive versions.

This modell includes Bluetooth functionality deshalb you kann listen to your favourite tunes wie you’re on ns go. It deshalb has an improved oberteil speed. This modell will let you move at about 6.8 mph as opposed to die 6.2 mph oberteil speed des the original model.

Besides the increased top speed, that now so includes pneumatic rubber tires. These neu tires carry out a smoother, easier ride.

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IO eagle 2.0

Also, like the original model, die IO eagle 2.0 zu sein the following level trost from the IO hawk Signature. V this model, you’ll enjoy in extended take trip distance des 10-13 miles von charge, and in increased oberteil speed von 7.5 mph.

It has actually a comparable weight und carrying capacity to die Signature model, und it includes the same Bluetooth functionality.

IO Hawk-Cross

This model includes part definite upgrades that space worth noting. In included apps allows you to stream music, control your speed, und record her route.

Premium led lights und red brake lights ensure maximum visibility and provide bei increased measure von safety. If sie want zu spend much less time charging and more time riding, this modell takes 2.5 hours to charge.

One des the ideal upgrades to the IO Hawk-Cross is its resilient wheels designed to handle all types of terrain. On the Hawk-Cross, you don’t schutz to stick zu paved surfaces, sidewalks, und roadways.

With this model, you’re free to traverse sand, gravel, und grass. It will take sie almost anywhere you need to go.

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Pros of the IO Hawk

The IO Hawk is one von the most—if not THE most—recognized hoverboard feuer to date. The brand name alone regulates its own distinct appeal, especially weil das those who value premium brand names. However aside indigenous its name alone, this hoverboard boasts in array of prominent features.

If you’re looking zu cut her carbon footprint, speak a hoverboard zu sein worth considering. Fairly than getting in your car every time sie need to drive two or 3 miles kommen sie run in errand, run on your hoverboard. It’s much more eco-friendly than driving all over you have to go.

Trying kommen sie figure the end a way zu get wherein you oase to go in the fastest method possible? the average walking rate (depending on the terrain und other environmental factors) zu sein about 3.1 mph.

So if you’d rather walk 보다 drive, yet need to reduce ns amount of time it takes zu get from allude A kommen sie point B, consider a hoverboard.

A typical one-mile to walk takes die average person about 20 minutes. However if sie were speak a hoverboard, freundin could cut that down kommen sie a mere eight minutes. It’s a perfect option zum running errands or getting approximately quicker on a college or unternehmen campus.

Cons of the IO Hawk

There’s one major drawback to the IO Hawk—it’s expensive! countless hoverboards from various other brands sell equal (or better) features weist a viel lower price. For example, you could shell out end $1,000 weil das the IO hawk Cross or freundin could invest closer to $500 for the Swagtron T6 or die Halo Rover.

In comparison zu more affordable hoverboard models, this hoverboard has a low max speed. On ns IO eagle 2.0, you tun können hit a max speed of 7.5 mph. Die Swagtron T6 will oase you going hinweisen 12 mph. Die HX Phantom has actually a max speed of 9.3 mph. Die Halo Rover will get you to around 8.8 mph. If speed is your thing, this isn’t ns hoverboard for you.

This model has a slower charge time 보다 other, newer models. Over there are numerous self-balancing scooters on die market that can charge in about two hours. This hoverboard takes a great three hours kommen sie get a complete charge.

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For ns rider who wants zu go faster and charge trost quicker, the IO Hawk zu sein not at die top of its class.