Ingolstadt 1. bundesliga

The final mannschaft that claimed their golden ticket to the 2. Bundesliga from the 3. Allianz was FC ingolstadt 04. Bei their really short history, they have had a big rise through ns German leagues und find themselves back in the 2nd tier. How möchte they fare in their ninth season bei the 2. Bundesliga?

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This will be die Schanzer"s 18th season in existence, and this will be their ninth season an the second tier.

Key information Manager: Roberto Pätzold Stadium: Audi Sportpark Founded: 5 February 2004 Nicknames: das Schanzer (the entrenched ones)

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Pre-season Pre-season start: June 22nd maintain camp: July 2nd kommen sie 8th in Buxheim, Bavaria Friendlies: June 30: VfB Eichstätt 0-4 Ingolstadt, July 17: ingolstadt 1-1 FürthOnly 2 matches zum Ingolstadt"s pre-season, a win versus Regionalliga bayerisch side VfB Eichstätt followed von a 1-1 draw against newly-promoted Bundesliga next SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Not viel to talk about here. Summer signings and departures Additions: Yassin Ben Balla (Eintracht Braunschweig), Jan-Hendrik Marx (Waldhoff Mannheim), maximilianer Wolfram (FSV Zwickau, loan ends), Arian Llugiqi (promoted from ingolstadt U19) Departures: Gordon Büch (RFCU Luxembourg), Björn Paulsen (Hammarby IF), Robin Krauße (Eintracht Braunschweig), Caiuby (end des contract)Despite getting promoted, it has actually been all change an the managerial department zum Ingolstadt. Tomas Oral, the man who orchestrated the arzt of das Schanzer to the 2nd tier, did not have his contract extended at the ende of the season deshalb Ingolstadt turned zu their under-19 direktors Roberto Pätzold to steer the ship in the 2. Bundesliga. It has been a quiet window deshalb far for das Schanzer with just 2 transfers comes into ns club and 4 football player departing die club. It will be exciting to see how lock cope.

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first six matches Matchday 1 - mit SG Dynamo dresden
(A), Saturday 24th July, 13:30 localMatchday 2 - vs 1.FC Heidenheim (H), Saturday 31st July, 13:30 localMatchday 3 - vs SV darmstadt 1898 (A), Sunday 15th August, 13:30 localMatchday 4 - vs 1.FC nürnberg (H), Sunday 22nd August, 13:30 localMatchday 5 - vs SV Sandhausen (A), Friday 27th August, 18:30 localMatchday 6 - mit SV Werder bremen (H), Saturday 11th September, 13:30 local key player for the ingolstadt key player, it was a challenging decision between 2 very great players. Ns captain, leader, und top scorer zum Ingolstadt bei the 3. Liga last season stefan Kutschke was candidate number 1, and the 2nd candidate was central midfielder marc Stendera. On one hand, you have the man that has led the mannschaft from the front, notfall only v goals but with the captain"s armband on together well. On die other side, you oase a midfielder that is in ever-present bei the ingolstadt side, who deshalb laid top top 7 assists in the 3. Liga. It zu sein a difficult decision but bei the end, the has zu be Kutschke. He has actually played 99 games an the 2. Bundesliga, scoring 26 times, und his goals möchte be an essential for die Schanzer if they room going kommen sie stay up. His leadership qualities also set ihm apart from most other strikers, as ns club captain, his efforts will be noticed the most und he have to be setting die example for the ingolstadt players kommen sie follow. possible tactics because the ingolstadt U19 side only played 4 games an 2020/21, it zu sein difficult zu gauge some feasible tactics for Pätzold und his side, however, under the time des Tomas Oral, das Schanzer frequently operated v a 4-4-2 bildete and in most cases, youth squads or 2nd team squads deploy die same tactics as the first-team squad kommen sie get the younger players much more used to die tactics if they acquire the promotion to the unterschied squad. Ingolstadt oase a plethora des wide football player going right into this season, und only 5 central midfielders. The aussehen of ns squad says that broad players wollen be integral kommen sie Pätzold"s plans, either an a 4-4-2 or bei a 4-2-3-1 with dennis Eckert Ayensa gift deployed either together a second striker or as a number 10. One thing that will be guaranteed will be that stefan Kutschke will be starting ns games unless he ist injured. Ns writer"s opinion This möchte be a difficult season for ns Schanzer. Their final result des the 20/21 season was a 3-1 defeat kommen sie VfL Osnabrück bei the relegation playoff match and they to be fortunate an going hoch following that negative display away bei Osnabrück. Choosing Pätzold ist not an awful decision considering he has been with die club for a lang time, correctly he has been ns caretaker direktors on a couple of occasions however he doesn"t have that top-level experience of managing a hohes level team top top a full time basis. Ingolstadt schutz kept ns same squad zum this season with only 2 additions, yet I still don"t think that squad cohesion will be enough zum Ingolstadt kommen sie stave turn off relegation zurück down to ns 3. Liga. Stefan Kutschke will need kommen sie provide some heroics if ingolstadt are kommen sie stay up this season, but i don"t think it zu sein going zu happen. Die Schanzer wollen struggle to stay up und I feeling it will be a swift relegation rückseitig to ns 3rd tier.