Everyone, that has currently a permanently free current account at the ING (formerly ING-DiBa), kann immediately use die absolutely free possibility des depositing cash.

Du schaust: Ing extra konto einzahlen

Everyone else can ► offen the account here und soon take advantage of this and further advantages von the ING.

This is how die deposit works:

The 3 steps zum non-customers des the ING:

go v money and Girocard to ns machine and make die deposit together shown in the video.

Details about the depositing von money through ns ING

Requirements bei order zu use the free deposit machines des the ING, ist being the owner von a existing account there. An “Extra-Konto” (call money account), securities account or a credit transaction line are notfall enough, because you have kommen sie insert die Girocard into ns machine to make die deposit.


The PIN ist not requested. This is a large advantage. Bei the end, you, being a smart bank customer, would more than likely rather use ns Visa Card, since you kann sein withdraw Euros 50 free des charge weist almost every ATM v this card. Und who can und wants zu remember all ns PINs? Especially des cards that freundin hardly use.

Back to ns deposit: You tun können deposit every Euro-bills from Euros 5 zu 500. You kann sein deposit up to a maximum von Euros 1,000 von cash über procedure. If this should notfall be enough, sie can anfang another deposit procedure.

Coins no, bills yes!

Coins cannot be deposited through the deposit machines, because die machines execute not schutz a compartment zum “hard money”. This ist highly inefficient. Ns deposited money zu sein not payment to die next person, together some people think, but it is separately confirm afterwards.

The deposit money zu sein gathered in “cassettes” different from the cash, which ist intended weil das withdrawals.

Coins kann sein be deposit through ns branch offices des the Reisebank to die current account – but deshalb to various other accounts des the ING. Deshalb that ns depositing zu sein free of charge zum you as a bank customer, you oase to add bills to ns deposit. Ns rules von the game are ns following:

up kommen sie 50 coinsdeposit amount betwee Euros 1,000 und 25,000,

then die ING bears die costs des the deposit.

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Is this comparable kommen sie a Sparkasse or Volksbank?

No, of course not. Die Sparkasse and Volksbank ausblüten have – even if they retreat more and more native villages and city districts – a high presence in the whole.

However, you oase to salary monthly account administration fees and increasingly additional fees zum deposits and withdrawal procedures, periodically priced through name, sometimes internationally as in accounting entry.

If you do not have a current account at ns ING yet or conversely at the competitor DKB, which also operates deposit machines, then sie should gain one. A current account at one von the ideal direct bank is permanently free of charge und you will seen how that works in the exercise with the procedures des electronic payments, deposits und withdrawals.

Only if sie refuse zu use online banking, then freundin will notfall be able zu use the advantages von a direct bank. However, the alternative zu sein that you wollen pay more und more an the future zum the existence on site. Also if ns statistic ist concealed v a number of tricks, ns branch banks lose a large number of customers because years. And the costs increase on the other hand. Dafür how do sie fill the gap?

Yes, branch workplaces are closed und staff zu sein reduced. This zu sein one side von the coin, the side von limiting services. On the other side, fees are raised or introduced. We have seen that bei the past years and this trend wollen continue.

The big direct banks are – and the ING zu sein indeed die biggest direct bank in Germany regarding ns total customer number – offering in extended availability and the placement des ATMs.

You gift a customer vote v your decision, where sie do which bank operations, what will develop further and better.

Let’s get zurück again to die money deposit

When freundin deposit money – und do notfall do it prefer me on ns weekend – you kann dispose des it in ~ a few minutes. You kann use it immediately kommen sie pay a bill online or to settle her account, if sie went zu far into die overdraft facility.

Where are the deposit equipments located?


Thanks to our community, we now have in outstanding overview des all die ING-machine with a google maps link und often with in illustrated description von the means ► open the list des sites.

Questions und experiences?

You room welcome zu use die comments feature weist the end of this page zum your questions about die depositing von money and deshalb to post your experiences for the benefit von following readers. We periodically refer to especially amazing supplements of articles bei our Sunday mail.

A heartly thanks!

Further services von the ING:

Concluding question: Account opened at die ING?


Yes, you tun können open the free existing account von the ING together a secondary or third account und primarily usage it for money deposits. This ist absolutely compliant with die conditions von the bank. Sie are not obliged zu any more use des the bank.

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Free of charge and obliged kommen sie nothing!

Of course, the bank would be glücklich to acquire more customers through ns deposit feature, that then do positive experiences v it, und will discover und try more and more dienstleistungen that it offers.

Please let me know, if this short articles has been a kickoff zum the opening of in account – or if sie are already a customers des the bank and like kommen sie use this und further features von the account offer. A heartly thanks!