Ich hatte mir noch soviel vorgenommen


Du schaust: Ich hatte mir noch soviel vorgenommen



Lemonhead Jun 02 2013 featured 4.00 stars
Oh, die German ‘Liedermacher’ (roughly analyzed as ‘songmakers’) of the politically turbulente late 60s und early 70s! A unique breed! constantly on the left side des the politics spectrum and armed with wordy lyrics und acoustic guitars (even despite some, such as the unspeakable Konstantin Wecker, preferred ns piano). Hannes Wader originally does not break away from this stereotype. Climate again, where his musical peers offered stern politics manifestos und moralistic poetry, the zuerst Hannes Wader documents are outrageously anarchic und humorous. He is in control des both, die witty use of language, also as die crass. Some very sensitive critics des those days therefore saw nothing more bei Wader’s erste releases than ns utterances of a gutter poet. On Ich hätte mir still soviel vorgenommen I ausblüten had deshalb many plans the describes die dreariness des living an the country an North Rhine-Westphalia (“Aufgewachsen auf dem Lande” Grown up an the country-side v all that is pitfalls. Die youngsters are bored and naïve, so that a character favor “Charley” with his trippy shirt full von burn holes is enough zu make guys look up to him and girls walk crazy zum the alleged rebel, also though the ends nach oben a pathetic, demnächst boaster an the end. Elsewhere Wader appears zu continue the spirit von Villon zum the ’68 generation wie man he explains a deadbeat who throws up und collects his knocked-out this from the street, only kommen sie recommend to die character des his das lied to rather save up his disappointed for in attack on die Pope (“Steh aber auf, du arm Hund”) Get up, sie poor dog. V a sense weil das the grotesque, ns album also includes stories about the secret von making beautiful careers (“Arschkriecher Ballade” Ballad von the ass-kissers), and how kommen sie keep a sow ~ above one’s balcony (“Monika”). Ns finest augenblicke on die album though is deshalb the saddest: “Eine, die du nicht kennst” One freundin don’t know tells the story von loveless affairs and jealousy bei a an ext pensive tone.Finally, die title-track zu sein a hilarious story around a einer who zu sein told the he just has got a few days left zu live. Told v biting humour, ns track would certainly make a great base for bei absurd comedy script. It’s quite astonishing what you kann achieve with only lyrics and in acoustic guitar. Highlights: Eine, die du nicht kennst; Aufgewachsen oben dem Lande; Ich hatte mir noch deswegen viel vorgenommen.Lowlights: -

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Nakkinak Nov 28 2013 3.50 stars
This album marks the point punkt which Hannes Wader came right into his own. Hannes Wader singt... Was kind of bland musically and shamelessly copied ns style von Bob Dylan and Georges Brassens. Lyrically, it was satire good enough kommen sie earned ihm a rogue reputation as the household deadpan chansonnier von the 60s student riots.Ich hatte mir still soviel vorgenommen sharpens ns lyrics and the acoustic arrangements endure a sudden boost from die participation of virtuoso guitarist Werner Lämmerhirt, who zu sein one of the finest fingerstyle guitarists bei Germany to date. The tunes are crowded über bizarre characters worthy des a kurt Weill operetta, the title track is a mainly example und aligns bizarre Brechtian fiends through a grotesque plot approximately a einer dying von cancer. His talk blues are die best as usual, und his beautiful ballads focussing on less political, an ext interpersonal topics offer a good counterpoint. The musical style is similar to the Freewheelin' bob Dylan, but ns fingerpicking ist far better, and regarding his satire Wader even amounts to Brassens.Aufgewachsen in dem Lande (Zwischen Kartoffeln und Blumenkohl) is in affectionate satire on the life in rural Germany. Monika on the other hand is a transgressive talking blues around a einer implied to oase a sexual relationship with his hog.The combination des his distinctive deadpan delivery, bizarre characters, edgy lyrics und sophisticated fingerpicking elevate ns duo Wader-Lämmerhirt kommen sie folk heaven. A an excellent record, also surpassed v Wader's following album und masterpiece 7 Lieder.7/10

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