A ar at die 2022 william Hill world Darts Championship ist up weil das grabs again this year an the 2021 HYLO PDC Europe at sight League.

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From april 17 – 22, 2021 ns best darts players an Germany will compete bei the H+ Hotel in Niedernhausen, where the European Qualifying School had actually been held in February.

The event möchte be play on four boards. One match von round will be play on in additional streaming board.

ParticipantsCompared to tonnage year, ns field of participants wollen be increased von eight players kommen sie a total von 24 players. Only players outside the top 32 des the PDC Order von Merit möchte be considered. Ns field consists des the participants of belastung year’s at sight League und the current PDC tour Card holders und will it is in completed über wildcards provided out by PDC Europe.

The complying with players wollen compete in the 2021 HYLO PDC Europe super League:

Max HoppMartin SchindlerSteffen SiepmannRobert MarijanovicFlorian HempelNico KurzRene EidamsManfred BilderlDragutin HorvatKarsten KochSascha SteinJens KniestDaniel KloseThomas KöhnleinKai GotthardtChristian BunseLukas WenigFranz RötzschNiko SpringerStefan NillesMarco ObstMichael HurtzMarcel GerdonKevin Münch

Michael Unterbuchner and Maik Langendorf will not be able to compete this year.

FormatThe players will erste compete bei a preliminary round an four groups des six players each. They möchte play each various other twice an their respective kopieren, gruppe over the Best of 11 legs. Zum each match won the player obtain one point zum the kopieren, gruppe table. The leg ratio of each enhance is so taken right into account. Die grouping wollen be done über draw from sechs different pots. The preliminary round möchte be play on april 17 und 18.

The top four players des each group will qualify zum the next round, while die two football player at the bottom of the group will be removed from die competition. The 16 staying players möchte at die same time form the 16-player starting field zum the 2022 HYLO PDC Europe supervisor League und will be split into two groups von eight players zum the following round.

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The format von the preliminary round (2x ring Robin, Best von 11 Legs) remains die same zum the main round. Die second kopieren, gruppe stage möchte take ar on april 19 und 20.

The best four players des each group will reach ns final round and compete weil das the starting place at die 2022 william Hill world Darts Championship.

The last round, unlike ns rounds before, will be played bei knockout format.

Quarter-finals (April 21, Best von 17 Legs)QF1: zuerst place of kopieren, gruppe A – fourth place of kopieren, gruppe BQF2: 2nd place of gruppe A – dritter place of gruppe BQF3: dritter place of group A – 2nd place of gruppe BQf4: 4th place of kopieren, gruppe A – first place of gruppe B

Semi-finals (April 22, best of 19 legs)SF1: Winner QF 1 – Winner QF 2SF2: Winner QF 3 – Winner QF 4

Final (April 22, Best of 21 Legs)Winner SF1 – Winner SF2

If die winner des the 2021 Super organization qualifies weil das the PDC world Darts Championship on in other way the starting location will notfall go to the other critical but möchte be allocated von the PDC zu another player.

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Due zu the corona restrictions still in place this year’s at sight League wollen again take place an a “bubble”. All players oase to experience a corona test before entering die hotel und are notfall allowed kommen sie leave die venue during the duration von the event.