Hsv Gegen St. Pauli

FC St. Pauli won the second derby des the season von two goals zu nil in front of a 57,000 sell-out crowd at Volksparkstadion on Saturday afternoon! after ~ a strong anfang by ns home side, Henk Veerman gave ns Boys in Brown a 20th minute command before matter Penney rifled a 22-metre journey into the bottom corner kommen sie double the advantage nine minute later. Jos Luhukay"s side defended with fight and passion to the ende to complete – after Rico Benatelli and Lukas Hinterseer had actually had purposes ruled out by VAR – a famous derby double.

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Before the action gott underway there was a minute"s silence zum the victims des the terror attack in Hanau. When the game kicked off, the was the home side who made ns better start, dominating the possession and creating number of chances beforehand on. Six minutes in, a corner was knocked short into the box und Pohjanpalo stepped end it, permitting Hunt zu pull ns trigger native 14 metres. Thankfully, the ball cleared the crossbar von some distance. Ns HSV captain was an the spotlight again moments danach when his shot came rückseitig off die underside of the bar. Louis Schaub climate put ns rebound just over. Dieter Hecking"s side maintained up ns pressure und when Bakery Jatta cut die ball back from the byeline, Pohjanpalo observed his effort clip the outside of the post on its way out.

The Boys bei Brown launched their opened foray von the video game with 14 minute gone. Henk Veerman exchanged passes v Diamantakos prior to charging down the right und delivering a null into die box rückseitig towards Diamantakos. Ns cross lacked precision but virtually sneaked an at the back post. Ns raucous environment quietened down after Robin Himmelmann had actually safely gathered Sonny Kittel"s effort from a narrow angle. However not zum long. Because soon ns 5,586 travel St. Pauli fans were celebrating die opening goal!

Ryo Miyaichi intercepted a square null on the halfway line and the ball fell weil das Veerman. Ns Dutchman picked up the pace and shrugged off die challenge von his compatriot Rick ventil Drongelen prior to showing all his quality on arriving in the box, dinking the null over die onrushing daniel Heuer Fernandes and into die far corner kommen sie give his side the lead. Just nine minute later, the Boys in Brown made it two! Miyaichi cut the ball rückseitig from the right kommen sie Finn Ole Becker. His shot was blocked, but the rebound fell kindly zum Matt Penney. The Englishman teed the null up prior to hammering a shooting into the bottom right edge from 22 metre. Heuer Fernandes dived kommen sie his left but there was nothing he can do kommen sie stop that – 2-0!

The Boys in Brown kept at it und soon fashioned one more opening, Becker finding space in the box to lash a shot over the top. The was zu prove his last intervention in the game, however, together he was soon replaced von Marvin Knoll. Die home side then sought zu hit rückseitig through Hunt, but Schaub lacked die necessary height to direct die cross ~ above target through his header. A couple of minutes danach Hunt got the ball again indigenous a corner, this time that went weil das goal himself however shot wide. Jatta went much closer on ns stroke von half-time, however. His angled shot from ns corner of the box zipped a whisker past the far post.


Henk Veerman celebrates in front of the travelling fans after opening die scoring.

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Both teams arised unchanged weil das the 2nd half. HSV come out feather for in early goal kommen sie reduce the deficit und switched on the turbo. Luhukay"s charges defended tenaciously, however, und weren"t averse to getting forward themselves, as in the 51st minute, wie Penney found knoll with a pinpoint cross from die left. His header was somehow turned over the bar von a superb reflex save from Heuer Fernandes kommen sie keep it punkt 2-0.

The residence side continued zu carry a threat, though, und Kittel required his way down ns left und knocked a cross into die middle zu Pohjanpalo. Fortunately, ns Finnish striker failed kommen sie make a appropriate contact and the Boys an Brown to be able kommen sie clear their lines. At the other end, knoll again come close zu adding a third with a long-range free-kick on 57. The ball curled just past die angle. Zwischenrufe responded v a twin substitution, throwing on martin Harnik und David Kinsombi zum Hunt and Kittel.

Jos Luhukay"s remained solid at ns back, allowing die home side little space in which zu put pressure on Himmelmann"s goal. Then, through 67 minutes gone, Rico Benatelli assumed he had made the three-nil with a header from ns penalty spot following a corner. Yet after consulting ns VAR, referee Manuel Gräfe ruled the goal out.

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HSV came again two minute later, however Himmelmann comfortably gathered a shooting on die turn from Schaub. Zwischenrufe then do his third und final substitution ~ above 71, introducing an additional striker an Lukas Hinterseer. Ns pattern remained the same, however, with ns Boys bei Brown continuing to stifle ns home side"s attacking ambitions und defending your two-goal benefit with bags von fighting spirit und passion to ensure a repeat von the scene after the 2-0 win bei the zuerst meeting of the two sides at die Millerntor. Unbridled celebrations!!!

As well completing die double, die Boys bei Brown finished a run von 357 days there is no a success away from house on Saturday afternoon. Their last away victory was a 1-0 success at paderborn on 2 march 2019.


Heuer Fernandes - Beyer, Letschert, van Drongelen, Leibold - hunt (Kinsombi 62"), Jung, Schaub - Jatta (Hinterseer 71"), Kittel (Harnik 62"), Pohjanpalo

Head coach: Dieter Hecking


FC St. Pauli

Himmelmann - Ohlsson, Østigård, Buballa - Miyaichi, Benatelli, Sobota (Flum 90"), Becker (Knoll 34"), Penney - Diamantakos (Tashchy 87") - Veerman