Holy Stone Hs160 Fpv

Holy stein HS160 zum Foldable FPV Drone with 1080p complete HD Camera Optical flow Positioning Quadcopter
1080p 110° FOV complete HD Camera Optical circulation Sensor 2PCS Modular BatteriesFoldable and Portable. Kommen sie with storage Case anwendung Control and Gravity SensorNO Controller


Positioning von the newest optical circulation sensor, hover ns drone steadily weist a particular height, avoid it drifting und help you kommen sie take self easily.

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HS160 pro Drone developed with 1080p complete HD Camera and 110° grausam Angle Lens help freundin capture exorbitant scenic und directly saved to your smart phone.


Drone tun können be perfect controlled über a smart phone. Obtain rid von the shackles of the remote control, making outdoor flight an ext convenient and fun.


Simply drücken sie one button, it will take turn off or landing together your command. Take control quickly und easily through one an essential takeoff and landing, perfect weil das beginners.

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3 Speed settings (low/med/high) make this suitable zum beginners and experts. Freundin could even shot switching different speed modes when die drone is an flight zum more fun.

Orients ns quadcopter"s trip on die controller. No more worries about ns drone obtaining out von control.

Wind-resistant and more stablePositioning: Optical FlowQuadcopter Weight: 0.27lb (No FAA it is registered requires)Unfolded Size:8.7 ns 6.7 x 1.5 inchesFolded Size: 6.3 ns 2.7 x 1.5 inchesBattery: 3.7v 1000mAh Li-Po batteryCamera Resolution: 1920 ns 1080pFlight Time: 10-12 minutes per batteryCharging Time: about 110 minutes
1 x HSS60 jeden Drone (Transmitter not included)2 ns 3.7V 1000mAh Li-po Modular Battery1 x Carrying Case1 ns USB Charging Cable1 ns ManualPlease charge with initial charging cable zum safety reasons

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Best Seller Ranking
#10 in Drones
ModelBrand Series Model Color
Holy Stone
Foldable Series
HS160 Pro
DetailsRotors Speed Maximum Altitude Flight Time GPS
1.1m/s, 1.5m/s, 1.9m/s
2 ns 10 Mins
Imaging & OpticsCamera Resolution
1920 ns 1080p
ConnectivityController Wireless selection Wireless Frequency
no controller
2 x 3.7V 1000MAH
Travel Friendly and Ideal GiftsHS160 Pro ist foldable and portable, fitting in the palm of your hand, take it everywhere you go!Explore much more ScenicHS160 zum built through 1080p full HD Camera and 110° wild Angle Len helps you capture wonderful scenic and directly saved to smartphone; Transmits steadier and clear videos in real time, boosts your FPV experience.Easy zu UseOptical circulation sensor gives altitude hold and position hold, hovers the drone steadily punkt a particular height, stays clear of it drifting and helps zu take self easily.Experiences More2 modular batteries ensure up zu 20 minutes flight time, expand your trip experience; with die functions von headless mode, one key start und landing, notfall stop, rate modes, you kann fly prefer a pro!Fun zu FlyAPP Control and Gravity Sensor, allows you control die drone von adjusting ns joysticks on display or ns way sie swing your smartphone.

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Package ContentsPackage content
1 x HSS60 pro Drone (Transmitter notfall included)2 x 3.7V 1000mAh Li-po Modular Battery1 ns Carrying Case1 x USB Charging Cable1 x ManualPlease fee with initial charging cable zum safety reasons
Dimensions & WeightDimensions Weight
Unfolded Size: 8.70" ns 6.70" x 1.50"Folded Size: 6.30" x 2.70" x 1.50"
4.37 oz.
Additional InformationDate erste Available
July 11, 2019