Hello readers! you might oase seen lots of videos top top YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook featuring eco-friendly mask sticks. In most des the videos, a personen applies a layer des the verpackt on die skin and his scars und blackhead disappear magically. But, green Mask stick is echt or Fake? Should freundin buy the or not? Today, an this blog we will do some clinical review des the green Mask pole – in addition to its side effects und benefits.

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Scientific review des ingredients of green mask stickAnother better alternative of poreless deep cleanse mask stick/ eco-friendly mask stick available in the market

Green mask stick evaluation or environment-friendly stick mask testimonial

There are several brands von green tea stick-on clay masks obtainable on the internet now, including Median, Qklovni, Mengsiqi, Ofanyia, etc.

This mask claims zu remove blackheads completely und lighten ns skin ton a few shades. In a few videos, the was shown that the product offered chia seeds as blackheads to make die advertisement seem much more interesting. However, part reviews address the issue des skin lightening.

In your explanation, they say that ns tone doesn’t gain lighter, but ns product does remove some blackheads. Such strategies mislead und confuse consumers. Civilization cannot completely enjoy the product or service.

Do you fall victim to this type des marketing?

Geen mask pole – Product description

The product insurance claims that applying a thin layer des mask and leaving that for fünfzehn minutes can provide freundin clear skin, enhance skin moisture and elasticity, enhance complexion, deep clean the pores by removing blackheads or whiteheads, balance ns skin pH, and cure acne.

The mask has actually a bit von clay-like texture and has a decent und refreshing fragrance. Die product comes in a small green box and is an extremely handy. It is a small stick and is travel-friendly.

Directions kommen sie apply die green mask stick: Clean the face with cleansing milch or nur wash it with mild warme water. Apply ns green stick mask evenly on die face or on ns regions whereby there are more blackheads. Leave it weil das 10-15 minutes und then to wash it off.

For oily skin people, die recommended use ist 2-3 mal a week, as soon as a week is recommended zum a normalerweise skin type and mixed skin individuals tun können use 2-3 zeit a week.

Now sie know an extremely well that a eco-friendly mask rod is ja wirklich is fake! 

Scientific review of ingredients des green mask stick

The product contains die following ingredients;

1. Eco-friendly Tea Extract

Our skin when comes in contact with UV Rays, speeds up skin damage and the skin aging process. Green Tea Extract is bei abundant source von plant polyphenols that contain far-ranging antioxidant, chemopreventive and immunomodulatory effects bei protecting ns skin.

Applying the source des green tea extract on the skin and healing the skin naturally und slow down the aging process von oxidizing toxins existing on die skin. According zu a study published in 20121, green tea extract zu sein found to help with inflammation und reduce die chances of skin cancers.

2. Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen zu sein a protein that is naturally produced an our human body which plays an essential role in providing skin elasticity. Hydrolyzed collagen ist formed über converting complex collagen into much easier forms. A study was published in 20192 top top 72 females middle-aged females which concluded the collagen ist responsible for maintaining;

Skin HydrationProvide a healthy skin glowSkin ElasticitySlow down die aging process

But, consuming it in oral form is more effective than applying it to ns skin.

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3. Methylparaben

Methyl-paraben ist a preventive which is used weil das more than a half-century in a variety von cosmetics. Some clinical studies3 say the it is can cause skin cancer wie man applied on the skin bei exposure kommen sie direct sunlight while some studies do not favor it. So, there are combined results zum the same.

4. Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol zu sein known to form a protective great on ns skin und locks water molecules an the skin. It is well known zum its water absorption und water attraction properties. It zu sein very effective weil das providing a smooth and radiant-looking skin texture.4

5. Carbomer

Carbomer ist a usual ingredient used in various cosmetic products to add viscosity or thickness to it. It, when coming an contact with water, has the capacity to increase an volume up to 10,000 zeit its initial size. Plenty of studies5 were performed to prüfung the safety of Carbomer und concluded the it is safe for skin applications without any kind of harmful effects.

6. Salt Hyaluronate

It zu sein used zu treat dry and flaking skin. Sodium Hyaluronate6 has water-absorbing properties. It ist involved in skin repair, tissue regeneration, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, reducing scars, und diminishing die wrinkle illustration process.

7. Allantoin

Allantoin is well known zum its skin lightening properties and exfoliation of the topmost skin layer. It ist a chemical present in many skin-lightening products, in fact, it was smuggled as a drug in Nigeria due to its skin-lightening effects7. Allantoin can reduce die appearance of skin scars and pigmentation.

Harmful Effects: along with the above-mentioned ingredients, there are few chemicals present in green stick masks the may reason skin irritation, photosensitivity, and skin allergy such as hydroxyethyl Cellulose, dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, phydroxycetophenone, and disodium EDTA.

Another much better alternative des poreless deep cleanse mask stick/ environment-friendly mask stick available an the market

There space some amazing choices available in the market with amazing results;

1. Ns Moms Co. Organic Clay challenge Mask v Moroccan lava Clay

You kann buy this product über clicking on die image

The product has actually a 4/5 rating on amazing from that customers. Ns product summary states that zu sein it best kommen sie remove, extreme oil und remove impurities. It consists of moroccoon lava which extracts dirt from die skin.

Also, it kann unclog die clogged pores. That detoxifies the skin and leaves die skin bright.The most vital thing ist that it ist free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils.

2. Matra Vitamin c French kommissar Clay Kaolin Mask

You can buy this product von clicking on ns image

The product ist best suited zum skin lightening und brightening. It can remove acne and pimples from ns skin. Also, it zu sein rich in Vitamin ns complex and Vitamin c which promotes skin regeneration. This clay mask boosted skin elasticity und cell renewal.

3. WOW Skin science Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha environment-friendly Tea Clay challenge Mask, 200 ml

You can buy this product von clicking on die image

WOW, Skin scientific research Coconut Water-Full Cream v Hyaluronic Acid möchte brighten her complexion und restore her skin’s organic suppleness. The goodness von coconut water, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, und pro-vitamin B5 make this cream rich and moisturizing.

In addition zu hydrating und soothing very dry skin, it so gives the a youthful appearance. Coconut water, rich bei vitamins, antioxidants, und minerals, fades blemishes and age spots, result in in even-toned complexion. Skin softening cream spreads easily and gets soaked up into die skin deshalb that your skin can prahlen while staying nourished at die same time. It zu sein a cream made an the Himalayas.

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It is vegan, gluten-free, und cruelty-free. There room no silicones, mineral oils, parabens, or colors in this product. Every skin types kann use this product.