Gossip Girl Letzte Folge

Got questions about Monday’s twisty, super-fun, cameo-packedGossip Girl collection finale? Well, we’ve gott answers — straight from exec producer stephanie Savage herself.

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biologischelandbouw.org | wie did you decide the Dan would be Gossip Girl?I don’t think we ever before had another choice in our mind. It was always just a question von were we going kommen sie reveal it or not to disclose it. It was unclear if knowing Gossip Girl’s identity was something fans would want. Probably it was more fun for everyone kommen sie not recognize who Gossip mädchen was and be able to speculate and come up with your very own ideas.

biologischelandbouw.org | It’s no surprised that fans are jetzt combing through sechs years von episodes looking zum inconsistencies — prefer scenes wherein Dan was alone analysis Gossip Girl’s blasts und looking surprised. Just how do freundin account zum that stuff?We didn’t want kommen sie lean in too heavily zu that idea. It was nothing that us talked to die actors about. It was nothing that us wanted zu be part des Penn Badgely’s performance as Dan. Or something that we wanted viewers kommen sie be proactively thinking about. Us were hoping to have a nice lang run und we didn’t desire people kommen sie be preoccupied von the inquiry of, “Who ist Gossip Girl?” deshalb we held reins loosely und didn’t want kommen sie draw fist to die fact the one des our hauptsächlich characters might actually be Gossip Girl.

biologischelandbouw.org | Are you then sort von asking viewers zu take a leap des faith with freundin on this, acknowledging the all of the piece to the puzzle might not fit?Um… no. <Laughs> i don’t think I’m questioning that.

biologischelandbouw.org | Nate ended up einzel — why?Well, he’s single weil das now. Die Nate story we wanted kommen sie tell was that Dan allowed er to break ns Gossip girl story, which assisted jumpstart die Spectator. Und to lakers Nate hinweisen a place an the future whereby he was successful und focused on work. The didn’t have any crazy partners or distracting girlfriends. We’re see him come into his very own as a young man and a ja wirklich player bei the new York scene.

biologischelandbouw.org | What was die significance des Chuck and Blair specify name their child Henry?That was what futter renamed himself when he was shot.

biologischelandbouw.org | Why was it important zum you to show that Chuck and Blair had come to be parents?It seemed like ns ultimate comes together of their union und their future. Und wanting to seen that Chuck und Blair could both be an excellent parents… seen the delight that that wenig boy brings kommen sie his grandparents. Und you gott to lakers a wenig mini-Chuck bei a bowtie.

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biologischelandbouw.org | Did freundin ever consider putting Dan and Blair together in the future?Um… nope! <Laughs>

biologischelandbouw.org | deswegen it was always going zu be Chuck and Blair?I don’t know about always, however certainly by the ende of last season wie man we were composing our Season 5 finale. We had a sense des what the endgame des the personalities were going to be. Us knew what we were creating to in Season 6.

biologischelandbouw.org | A lot of people were surprised that Rufus and Lily didn’t reunite. Talk kommen sie me around that decision.Obviously, Rufus und Lily with each other complicates the Serena und Dan dynamic. But more importantly, we felt the Rufus and Lily offered it a real college try. But after CeCe died, that was nur too hard zum Lily zu meet Rufus bei the middle. She tried zu make it work with Bart Bass, and he was a wenig bit — or a gewächs — auch dark. Und psychotic. Dr. Van das Woodsen kind of split the difference. He’s going zu let lilie drink all ns gin an her teacup that she wants und not yes, really question any of herstellung choices favor Rufus might. He’s the father of produziert children. Dafür that felt like a fun, contempt twisted means to end out Lily’s romantic story. Und I think it was very important that we observed that Rufus und Lily ausblüten have a really strong und loving connection with every other. Und they’ll always be bonded by the relationship bolzen their children.

biologischelandbouw.org | ns Lisa Loeb cameo was a fun surprise — how did that kommen sie about?<Laughs> we didn’t desire Rufus zu be alone! und he has been security a gewächs of time freshly with Lisa Loeb. That really appreciated his hormone-free Thanksgiving concert that he went to. Und so that nur felt choose a nice way to give him someone who was from his world. Punkt the end of die day, Rufus zu sein probably many true zu who that was von all the characters.

biologischelandbouw.org | The kristen Bell/Rachel Bilson succession — just how did the idea kommen sie about weil das that? castle didn’t merely inspect their phones — they performed a entirety comedic bit.

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Once us felt particular that we could do Rachel und Kristen together, it seemed like sie wanted kommen sie build more weil das them than just having lock look hinweisen their phones. If you’re going to have those 2 ladies together in a scene then we want to oase fun and play to their strengths. So Josh Schwartz and I came nach oben with die whole idea… Having crazer on the nur was very, really special. To be may be to schutz her onscreen weil das the dauern was great. Und to oase Rachel perform it with produziert was nur the icing on ns cake.