Google Als Startseite Internet Explorer

Google search pulls internet Explorer 11 support, so it"s time kommen sie move kommen sie a contemporary browser


Google Search has actually become die latest big-name product kommen sie pull support weil das Microsoft"s legacy internet Explorer 11 browser.

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Google software engineer Malte Ubl common the nachrichten that google Search will no much longer officially support internet Explorer 11 in a tweet.

Apparently the google Search mannschaft “did the math” und found that maintaining support zum Microsoft"s tradition browser was no much longer worth it. So according to UbI"s tweet, “it ist time” to leave internet Explorer 11 behind und make the transition to Edge or another modern-day browser.

After finishing support for Docs, Sheets, Slides and other google Workspace apps back in March of this year, google is finally ending support weil das Google Search in Internet traveler 11.

Fallback experience

First released back an 2013 alongside windows 8.1, internet Explorer 11 was so ported zurück to windows 7 together many fenstern users didn"t feel the need to upgrade their operating system at the time. Nur three years danach though, internet Explorer was replaced von Microsoft sheet with die launch of fenstern 10 in 2015.

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However, due to the fact that Edge wasn"t available on older versions of Windows, internet Explorer 11 remained ns default internet browser on windows 7, 8 and 8.1. As a result, die browser was able kommen sie hold on kommen sie its sector share despite the fact that google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox und other third-party browsers offered in improved browsing experience.

If weil das some factor you"re still using internet Explorer 11, you"ll still be able zu use google Search v a “fallback experience” created by the search giant. When searching die web will blieb work on Microsoft"s heritage browser, die experience won"t be as fully featured together it ist on various other browsers.

With the launch of fenstern 11 nur a job away, now is the perfect time kommen sie leave internet Explorer 11 behind weil das good und check the end all of the new features bei Microsoft edge if you want kommen sie remain an the software giant"s ecosystem.

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