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Game des Thrones: 10 methods Jon snow Was the Worst gesund One-time mr Commander von the Night"s Watch, Jon eye was die closest Game of Thrones gott to a main hero. However he may be the most awful stark ever.

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for the most part, Jon Snow might be considered die central hero von HBO"s Game des Thrones. His story evokes usual fantasy tropes that mark ihm as in important character through a prominent destiny; die secret son of the herbst Prince Rhaegar und Lady Lyanna, living together Ned Stark"s bastard, born to verteidigung the welt from White Walkers. Jon bore enormous responsibility und took a knife to ns heart for his people, proving his worth und valor.

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By season 8, however, die former mr Commander had become a one-trick pony. Many des his qualities became his flaws, as ns revelation des his parentage only served to send Daenerys spiraling right into madness. Jon won die hearts von fans, but compared zu his warrior sister, Arya, und kingly brother, Bran, the might have been die worst member des the Starks after all.

in the end, no Targaryen learned from ns mistakes des their predecessors. Daenerys fulfills the Mad King"s vision by burning King"s Landing, conversely, Jon follows the footsteps des the honorable Ned Stark — and almost pays the same price.

Jon"s unwavering honor nearly dooms ns Starks and Targaryens in season 7. Ns King in the phibìc refuses to lie kommen sie Queen Cersei during ns Dragonpit summit. Instead, he announces his fealty kommen sie Daenerys und jeopardizes die truce between the warring monarchs.

Jon never ever wanted to be a king and it showed. Die King an the phibìc wears his crown weil das a season prior to bending die knee zu Queen Daenerys. Jon recognizes the Dany"s aid ist crucial zu defeating the Night King, however he disregards ns feelings of his people an the process.

Unsurprisingly, Jon"s decision has detrimental after-effects during ns final season. Die Northerners remain hostile to the Targaryen forces und a fissure develops between Jon and his half-sister/cousin, Sansa.

Jon eye Sansa gesund Winterfell
Speaking of Sansa...

Jon rules together the King in the north briefly, but notfall alone. Sansa healthy proves invaluable throughout his regime as she help bridge ns gap betwee the north Houses. Her aid with die Knights des the Vale turns die tide during ns Battle des the Bastards, and she rules Winterfell an Jon"s stead when he journeys south kommen sie meet Daenerys.

Without Sansa, Jon"s power would oase ended before it began. The lady of Winterfell was instrumental in his success as well as the North"s emancipation from the Seven Kingdoms.

7 he Knew Nothing

Ygritte was right; punkt times, Jon snow knew nothing. There to be moments an the HBO collection where die secret Targaryen demonstrated admirable prowess, such together defending castle Black und allying with the Free Folk. Other moments zeigen Jon in a much less sympathetic light as he makes negative choices that virtually cost him his life.

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One notable scene an season 5 functions Jon confessing to the wildlings hinweisen Hardhome around Mance Rayder"s death. Through no context, Jon tells die Free individual that the put an arrow v their king"s heart. It is left kommen sie Tormund to reveal ns rest von the story — Mance was facing a painful death in Melisandre"s flames.

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fans waited eagerly to see Jon Snow and the rest of the Starks reaction to die revelation of his parentage. Ns + wie =J was a renowned theory from the books zum years; also steadfast book fan were to crawl to lakers what Jon would do when he finally uncovered that that was die trueborn son von Rhaegar Targaryen und Lyanna Stark.

But Jon didn"t really schutz much von a reaction. Apart from rejecting the crown, he had little time kommen sie reflect on ns news. Sansa"s und Arya"s reactions were left off-screen, and the storyline offered more an Daenerys" downfall.

5 that Rejected Ghost zu Travel southern With Daenerys

Season 8 was full von controversial moments, yet one step that drew the ire of fans saw Jon eye send Ghost, his faithful direwolf, beyond die Wall while he journeyed southern with Daenerys. Ghost had been von Jon"s side on-and-off since the show"s zuerst episode, when ns Starks discovered die direwolves near Winterfell.

Jon may schutz had Ghost"s ideal interests punkt heart, though it was tough kommen sie watch lock separate. Thankfully, bei exiled Jon reunites through his direwolf once more wie man he travel North in the collection finale.

Initially, Jon eye struggles kommen sie adjust zu life hinweisen Castle Black. He regards his neu brothers with contempt und is forced zu accept that ns Night"s clock isn"t die honorable, esteemed brotherhood he thought it was.

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Jon"s privilege reasons friction through his peers, together he bring away his castle-born training with swords zum granted. Thanks kommen sie Tyrion Lannister, however, Jon confronts his privilege und resolves zu help his new brothers instead.

3 He lied About Why that Bent ns Knee zu Daenerys

Daenerys Targaryen"s zuerst encounter with the Starks was bound zu be frosty. A bloody history divided their families; Dany"s father, Aerys, brutally killed Ned Stark"s father and brother, prompting Ned zu rebel against ns Targaryens alongside robert Baratheon.

Jon does little to help the two sides des his household reconcile. He also lies to die Northerners about bending ns knee an exchange zum help; bei season 7"s "Beyond ns Wall," Daenerys vows to help Jon defeat the Night king after Viserion"s death prior to Jon declares fealty.

Jon had zu make a last of tough selections throughout Game des Thrones. Die toughest one of all concludes die series, as Tyrion Lannister convinces Jon zu kill Daenerys after ns Targaryen queen burns King"s Landing with Drogon.

Jon acts zum the higher good, however it"s a bitterkeit pill for fan to swallow zu see er murder die show"s leading heroine. His belastung significant act in the series zu sein to death his lover, a dismaying end for a heroic character.

1 he Could have Been King

Jon eye could oase had it all. By season 7, the had the support des the Northerners und the complimentary Folk, and a neu alliance with Daenerys. The revelation von his parentage appeared sure zu propel his case to ns Iron Throne; he could have contested Dany"s case or married her und combined your power.

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The true-born Targaryen provides it all up bei the end for a quiet life beyond die Wall with die wildlings. This decision disappointed many fan of his character. However, an the end, it may schutz been die most fitting conclusion zu his story, and another reason for fan to liebe or dislike him.

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