Galaxy tab pro 12.2 test


Large, high-res displayPressure-sensitive stylus Real multitasking through multiple windowsExceptional battery life


Large size can be awkwardHigh priceLocation von control keysS Pen applications cannot be provided with a finger

Quick Take

The samsung Galaxy note Pro 12.2 ist a very powerful tablet, the closest thing available zu a full Ultrabook replacement.

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Samsung has actually a reputation together a firm that generally experiments through novel market categories and unique devices. Being that it ist a smartphone market leader, ns South korean manufacturer can afford to take such risks. Some of these experiment fail, yet others hit die bull’s eye.

The Galaxy klasse Pro 12.2 und Galaxy Tab pro 12.2 might be bull’s eye bound, given the impressive natur of these devices: 12.2-inch, 2560 ns 1600-pixel displays, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon or Exynos 5420 processors, 3GB von RAM, and Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) through TouchWiz UI that permit easy simultaneous arbeiten with up to four open windows.

The main difference bolzen these two tablets ist that the grad Pro 12.2 comes with the ns Pen stylus und pressure-sensitive screen, as well as additional software zu make use of them. This review concentrates on die version with ns stylus, yet it’s important zu keep in mind that the Tab zum 12.2 is identical in most ways.

After experimentation both tablets, it’s easy to conclude that they are the closest sachen available zu full Ultrabook replacements, especially die Galaxy note Pro 12.2. That said, ns high prices can be a sick spot zum many individuals on the fence deciding betwee them und a notebook — the suggested price for the 32GB version of the note Pro 12.2 ist $750.

Build and Design

Unusually large mobile devices kann be quite off-putting and seem impractical at zuerst glance; however, it zu sein easy zu get used to ns convenience the they provide.

The samsung Galaxy note Pro 12.2 is a larger version des the premium tools this company has released an the past 12 month — it’s 8 mm thick, has a slim metal rim and has a plastic zurück that mimicks leather.

When held bei hand, die tablet does notfall feel really comfortable. As ns Galaxy note Pro 12.2 weighs 753 grams (Tab Pro is only 13 grams lighter), the gets heavy fast. This tablet computer requires two hands, or a tabletop.

Still, when the tablet zu sein turned to ns portrait position, die feeling becomes viel more natural. Through its 12.2-inch diagonal, ns display matches die A4 file format (296 x 204 millimeters), which makes reading, flipping v files, or even working ~ above documents an extremely easy, practical, elegant and natural, specifically when die pressure-sensitive ns Pen ist used.

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DisplayThe display screen on this 12.2-inch tablet computer from Samsung is a Super clear LCD through a resolution of 2560 ns 1600 pixels, offering a pixel density von 247 ppi. This is nowhere near ns highest pixel density we oase seen on the top tablets, however comes near to ns point wherein it ist impossible to single out separation, personal, instance pixels punkt a glance.

Thanks to samsung using a RGBW matrix with two subpixels zum each pixel, color imaging ist exceptionally good. Die white subpixel changes the brightness level, meaning die vividness of all various other colors, too as die display contrast, ist above average for top tablets. It is exceptionally sustainable also at die most slope angles, and is a properties that ist welcome on together a huge screen.

Samsung has actually built in the automobil Adapt display option in these tablets, which adjusts imaging to ns contents on the screen. Unfortunately, this just works with particular applications.

Light reflection can be in issue when it comes zu larger displays, yet these tablets do not show any kind of shortcomings in this area either. Die display shrugs turn off glare well, even wie exposed kommen sie direct sunlight.

Buttons and PortsA physics Home an essential sits just below ns display, and there ist one capacitive vital on one of two people side von the Home key (Task on die left und Back on die right). Probably we would favor to see on-screen manage keys instead, given that it zu sein far more comfortable zu use this tablet bei the portrait position, not landscape, in many situations.

All other attributes are common weil das Samsung tablets. Over there is bei 8-megapixel camera on the zurück with a led flash under it. Ns bottom edge has actually no slot or keys, while the upper has the stärke key und the volume manage switch, follow me with an IR transmitter that kann sein turn the tablet into a global remote control. Ns left side holds a 3.5-millimeter audio jack, while die right consists of a microUSB hub, add to microSD und microSIM map slots. Both edges so have stereo speaker perforations.

As extr equipment goes, samsung offers in adapter which converts the microUSB into an Ethernet port, while in optional Bluetooth connecting keyboard and mouse to be presented hinweisen this year’s CES, plainly implying the Galaxy grad Pro 12.2 und Galaxy Tab jeden 12.2 were intended for unternehmen users over all.

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We’re nur getting started. Seite 2 discusses the performance of the samsung Galaxy klasse Pro 12.2.