Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Test

Key Specifications

Review Price: £329.99Exynos 5420 CPUTouchWiz user interface with mine Magazine10.1-inch 2,560 ns 1,600 pixel screen

What zu sein the samsung Galaxy Tab zum 10.1?

The samsung Galaxy Tab pro 10.1 zu sein the mid-size tablet in Samsung’s new Pro android line-up. It joins the samsung Galaxy Tab jeden 8.4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 12.2, i m sorry we’ve formerly looked at.

Despite the pro tag, these room largely just upmarket versions von the previous Tab-series tablets, now with much better build quality und a few business-centric apps. This specific 10.1 bei model is not quite as interesting as ns Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, yet it zu sein better in some core respects, consisting of being £70 cheaper.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab zum 10.1 – Design

The samsung Galaxy Tab pro 10.1 is a 10.1-inch tablet computer that fits the samsung mould perfectly. Like most high-end samsung phones and tablets because late 2013, it has a leather effect backplate that features stitching top top its edges, while ns sides have a smoky metallic finish.

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It’s all fake, though – the rückseitig is plastic and the stitching ist just in embossed design. So the look is very suspect, but die Tab zum 10.1’s back is nice and grippy making it easy zu get a firm host on die tablet.

The samsung Galaxy Tab pro 10.1 comes an two color – black and white. The black version has actually a contempt softer complete that feeling a little better, so go through that one if you’re notfall too bothered about die colour.

In either shade, the doesn’t oase the cool look of the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. Ns fake leather/metal posturing do not a tablet computer style guru make.

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However, the design is fairly modern. Ns bezel has been slimmed under significantly compared to die older Tab-series models, und the look ist almost identical to that of the Samsung klasse 10.1 2014 Edition.

It does feature just about all von the hardware bonuses and drawbacks von any 10.1-inch tablet, though. By giving the Tab pro 10.1 larger bezel areas above und below the screen – smaller sized ones to the left and right – samsung has managed zu mitigate ns widescreen display aspect (‘widescreen’ tablet computers tend to feel unwieldy), however it’s still a bit big und heavy zu be taken into consideration ultra-portable.


The samsung Galaxy Tab zum 10.1 weighs 469g and is 24cm long. That’s not too far off die iPad Air, which in itself zu sein pretty impressive, however we’d introduce considering ns Tab jeden 8.4 if sie want a super-portable tablet.

Unlike die iPad Air, the Tab zum 10.1 zu sein intended primarily zum landscape use, other which ist suggested von the placement des the irksome physical home button und soft secrets (Android has moved on, Samsung, und so need to you), too as ns logo orientation.

Some des Samsung’s top-end tablets function a USB 3.0 port but that isn’t ns case here, with die Tab jeden 10.1 using die standard USB 2.0 kind. However, that no an excellent loss. USB 3.0 offers much faster data transfer rates und faster charging native a USB socket, however it ist probably not something on which you should base her buying decision. Charging services disappear wie you get a proper wall surface charger involved, and while the roughly 13MB/sec data auslieferung rates aren’t stellar (a 700MB paper takes 52 secs kommen sie transfer), it’s much from die worst we’ve seen bei a tablet.

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Another reason notfall to worry is that the samsung Galaxy Tab jeden 10.1 has actually a microSD card slot, i beg your pardon gives freundin another way to move charme around. It sits behind a plastic flap on die right edge.

There’s no waterproofing here, but the largely sealed body must be able to handhaben a irradiate rain shower v no worries anyway.

Samsung Galaxy Tab jeden 10.1 – Screen

Specs-wise the samsung Galaxy Tab zum 10.1 screen sounds pretty great. It’s a 2,560 ns 1,600 pixel display von 10.1 inches, giving pixel density of 299ppi. That’s not all the high contrasted with die top phones, but zu sein excellent weil das a tablet. It’s deshalb a good deal greater than die iPad Air’s 264ppi.

It’s a pretty an excellent screen in most respects, yet a couple of issues avoid it native reaching the heights of the iPad Air, regardless of its seemingly exceptional specs.


One von them zu sein a straight result des a decision made by Samsung – to use in RGBW display screen matrix instead of bei RGB one. With in extra subpixel to upset the regularity of a normalerweise LCD screen, yes a really slight fuzziness to ns display – areas von block colour are ns worst affected. Freundin do require keen eyes to notice this, however it ist something to consider if you considering the Tab pro 10.1 because it appears to schutz a ‘next gen’ screen. Sharpness is great, but notfall flawless.

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Why has samsung used in RGBW matrix? that part of the PenTile family of screen types, which samsung owns die intellectual home of, deshalb it’s ‘in-house’. It deshalb improves battery efficiency when ramping up the brightness as die pure white light isn’t being dimmed von passing v a color filter. Nonetheless, all told we’d favor a standard RGB screen.

Another point des note ist that there is some IPS bright to the Tab zum 10.1, which zu sein where the screen backlight’s luminescence becomes overly visible at bei angle. It’s a usual enough occurrence however some screen address it better than others.


We haven’t to be too kind to die Galaxy Tab jeden 10.1 display screen yet, however it is generally a an extremely satisfying display. Colours space a lot more relaxed than those checked out on some of Samsung’s AMOLED devices, like ns Galaxy S3, und Samsung gives you some regulate over the tone des the display screen too.

You can pick between Dynamic, Standard und Movie modes, as well as the adaptive setup that transforms display attributes depending on what you’re law with the tablet. The tone von the Movie mode zu sein a wenig warmer than the rest, when Dynamic tries kommen sie boost comparison – viel like ns dynamic mode of a TV. We’d be happy with either die Standard or Movie modes, both von which sell pretty good colour accuracy.

You can expect searing brightness native a tablet whose display screen architecture is based about supplying great backlight efficiency. But oberteil brightness is merely ‘good’ – enough zum 95 von cent des uses.