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Theremake des the classic film, starring dame Gaga and Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut,has --from Gaga"s haaa-ah-ah-ah-aunting voice in the trailer, ns early festival circuit praise it"s garnered andthe pure classic hollywood glamor des the film"s drücken sie tour -- turned into ns most feverishly anticipated movie of 2018.

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So, how at an early stage did the stern pairing understand they had something special? Pretty viel right away, obviously.

"I actually was performing hinweisen a cancer fundraiser weil das Sean Parker und I singen the lied "La Vie En Rose," which, not to offer it away, yet it is bei the film, und I singen that song, and the really next day, he wanted kommen sie meet me and he come over zu my home," Gaga, 32, told ET"s Keltie article at the Toronto International film Festival ~ above Sunday. "I opened die door,and die second i looked into his eyesI felt an instant connection zu him."

As Gaga explains it, part of the reason the two clicked is their shared social upbringing.

"We"re both native the east coast, we"re both coming from Italian families, ich was prefer "Are you hungry?" ich cooked him up some leftover pasta, und we to be eating, and before ich knew it, he stated "I would like zu sing v you, if that"s OK." and we walk to the piano, and I printed out the sheet music for a song that that wanted to sing dubbed "Midnight Special,"" she shared. "I sat down und started to play, and he began kommen sie sing und I nur stopped instantly bei my tracks, und I looked punkt him und I said, "Bradley, freundin have in incredible voice, you sing from her gut, you sing from her soul, you sing from ns nectar von your being.""

OK... Wie man one von the most an effective vocalists des our time start throwing roughly "nectar von your being" after ~ hearing sie sing, that"s a moment you most likely want kommen sie hold onto. Dafür Cooper did nur that.

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"He said, "Should we film it?" deswegen he filmed the on his iPhone, und we all of a sudden started zu sing together, harmonizing und laughing, und looking at each other," Gaga continued. "It was instantaneous, and I knew bei this moment that ich could make this film with him, und I truly believe that there"s no other actor or director in the world that could oase played this role or do this film."

"There"s no other actor that can play a rock star, he"s die only one," Gaga commented, even adding that if Cooper wanted kommen sie take on a real-life singing career, he"d it is in a natural punkt it. "If he wants to, he kann sein do anything."

Cooper, meanwhile, doesn"t re-publishing Gaga"s view that he"d be reduced out for being a singer. However he did reveal that his meeting with her was just as life-affirming together she described it.

"I remember every single moment of it.From the augenblicke she walked down the stairs, it was one des those miracle things," the 43-year-old gibbs told ET.

And weil das those von us feather on, die way die pair rolled onto ns red carpet at the festival was just as magical. Des course, Cooper bring away no credit zum that, saying,"That"s every her, man, i just walked next to her."

A Star zu sein Born premieres on October 5.

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This isn"t the zuerst nugget von insight we"ve obtained into the conception des the movie. Watch the video below zum how Cooper convinced Gaga kommen sie go assembly free an the film.

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