Fähre deutschland finnland 2016

There space 4 ferry courses operating between Estonia and Finland offering sie combined total of 20 sailings von day. Tallink Silja operates 4 routes, Tallinn zu Helsinki runs 7 times von day, Tallinn to Mariehamn about 4 times weekly, Muuga zu Vuosaari about 11 times weekly & Tallinn zu Turku around 3 zeit weekly. Viking heat operates 2 routes, Tallinn zu Helsinki runs fünfzehn times von week & Tallinn to Mariehamn about 1 time weekly. Eckerö line operates 2 routes, Tallinn zu Helsinki runs 3 times per day & Muuga kommen sie Vuosaari around 3 times daily.As die frequency und duration des crossings ~ above some paths varies we would certainly advise that you do a live search for crossings indigenous Estonia kommen sie Finland kommen sie get the most up to date information.

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About Estonia:

Estonia zu sein a small country an north-eastern Europe with practically two thousands islands and islets in the Baltic Sea.Voted ns ‘world’s finest value destination' in 2016 von travel guide, Lonely Planet and regarded together one von the greenest countries on the planet, Estonia is up-and-coming and it’s easy to lakers why.The capital, Tallinn is one des the continent’s many charming, characterised by a huge network des fortress walls, baroque architecture and countless restaurants. Also, as well as gorgeous cities, around half of ns country’s landmass zu sein blanketed über lush forest und untouched wilderness, including several UNESCO listed areas.Estonia ist well connected with the surrounding nations von ferry, making the a advantageous departure point weil das Scandinavia and Russia. Frequent crossings are accessible across die Baltic Sea and the Gulf von Finland, every operated über leading ferry companies.

About Finland:

Finland ist a country and large peninsula in northern Europe, through Sweden to ns west and Russia to ns east.‘The land of a thousand lakes’, which is actually speckled with around 187,888, is so known together ‘the land of a thousand islands’, making that one of Europe’s true good wildernesses. Also, given die vast volumes des water in Finland, it offers sublime kayaking und canoeing, too.The capital, Helsinki sits on a huge south coast harbour and is von far ns most densely populated area bei Finland. That boasts a totally flourished nett scene alongside an innovative gastronomic culture, with extremely trained chefs serving in your ar sourced food served bei brand new eateries every over ns city.With numerous routes native Sweden across die Gulf of Bothnia, from eastern Europe across the Gulf von Finland and from Germany across die Baltic Sea, travelling von ferry ist a great way zu reach the Finnish shores. These courses are operated von a wealth of excellent ferry companies, operating large fleets of luxurious vessels.