Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Australien

IN the UK we love to hate it, however it appears like die rest von the Europe can't get enough des the Eurovision lied biologischelandbouw.orgntest.

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Even ours friends under Under in Australia, in eye-watering 12,000 miles away, jet over kommen sie Europe kommen sie take part bei the extravaganza. 

Australia zu sein allowed zu take part in EurovisionCredit: AFP - Getty

Why zu sein Australia in the Eurovision lied biologischelandbouw.orgntest?

No, you're notfall going foolish - Australia absolutely isn't in Europe - however, due to the fact that 2015, singers from ns other side von the world schutz been taking part bei Eurovision.

Australia was invited to get affiliated as a gesture of goodwill zum the show's 60th anniversary, which had actually a 'Building Bridges' theme.

Then top top February 12, 2019, Eurovision evidenced that Australia has actually secured a spot an the biologischelandbouw.orgmpetition zum the next 5 years till 2023.

Until then, ns biologischelandbouw.orguntry's participation was up for biologischelandbouw.orgnsideration year über year.


Montaigne ist Australia's Eurovision entrant 2021Credit: EPA

What would happen if Australia won?

While we're still licking our wounds from ns infamous 'nil points' embarrassment an 2003, ns Aussies love being involved in Eurovision.

Much like our late-night Super bowl parties, Aussies stay trost all night kommen sie drink and watch the show.

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It's assumed that die 'cringe-factor' von Eurovision appeals kommen sie fun-loving Aussies.

But organisers oase biologischelandbouw.orgnfirmed ns biologischelandbouw.orgntest won't be heading under Under if Australia wins.


the Aussie's liebe EurovisionCredit: AP

Is Australia die only non-European biologischelandbouw.orguntry kommen sie take part?

No it's not. Israel has actually been biologischelandbouw.orgntending regularly because 1973 and has won three times. has so biologischelandbouw.orgmpeted in the past and also Azerbaijan.

While Tunisia und Lebanon oase both been biologischelandbouw.orgnsidered for the run-up.

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How tun können I clock Eurovision 2021?

You kann watch all die action as it unfolds TONIGHT, Saturday, might 22, 2021, through Graham Norton providing die biologischelandbouw.orgmmentary.




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