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Legislative update Infrastructure bill

ns bipartisan framework Investment und Jobs act provides zum $1.2 trillion an federal safety over the next 5 years. Learn how this could impact economic recovery und what it might mean weil das your business, organization, or agency.


promoting unity und growth in Dallas ernst & Young LLP ( US) is proud to helpstrengthen the stadt of Dallas über working v leading neighborhood organizations kommen sie help nurture an extraordinary economy, infused through empathy and equality, the works zum all. Learn more


Leadership an Action: growth through culture, talent und innovation just how a strategic mix greatly expanded Atrium Health’s research study capabilities when holding tightly to its health treatment mission. discover more


our commitment to audit top quality We space pleased to present our 2021 audit high quality reportwhich reaffirms our commitment zu continuously improving die quality von our audits und strengthening ours system des quality control. discover more

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At, we help organizations capitalize on transformative opportunities and solve their toughest challenges. Explore our four service lines.

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* globalen Alternative fonds uncovers just how managers room transforming their approach kommen sie ESG, talent management, and new products und strategies together position themselves zum growth in an evolving market heute announced the publication of its 2021 globalen Alternative akkumulation, which uses a comprehensive overview of the perspectives from alternative fund managers und the institutional investors who allocate zu these asset classes.

22 Nov 2021


Aaron Swartz succeeds Whitt Butler as Akron Office Managing kollege Swartz presume leadership position amid professionals’ hybrid return to ns workplace an new office space bei Akron’s ost End

fünfzehn Nov 2021

13 Nov 2021 study: state und local government tax revenue increases regardless of pandemic

Ernst & Young LLP ( US) announced today that according to its research prepared weil das the board of directors On zustand Taxation (COST) und its affiliate, the zustand Tax research Institute (STRI), businesses paid an ext than $839 billion bei state und local taxes bei fiscal year 2020, in increase von 0.5% from budget year 2019.

10 Nov 2021 Black und Latino business man nationwide saw enhanced revenue growth an the past year

Despite economic uncertainty caused über the covid-19 pandemic und systemic barriers, Black and Latino entrepreneurs observed unprecedented unternehmen performance over ns past 12 months, according zu a produced by Ernst & Young LLP ( US) titled ns Entrepreneur’s Paradox: how Black and Latino Entrepreneurs are Balancing Growth and Uncertainty.

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10 Nov 2021

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About is a global leader bei assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax services.The insights and quality service we deliver aid build trust and confidence bei the resources markets and bei economies die world over. We develop outstanding leaders who mannschaft to provide on our promises to all des our stakeholders. An so doing, we play a an important role in building a far better working world zum our people, zum our clients and for our communities. refers to the global organization, and may refer zu one or more, von the member that company of ernst & Young globalen Limited, each des which is a different legal entity. Ernst & Young globalen Limited, a UK firm limited über guarantee, does not provide dienstleistungen to clients. For more information about ours organization, you re welcome visit

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