​If oliver Bierhoff ist known zum one thing much more than something else, it zu sein the golden goal the won euro ’96 zum Germany, making that the erste game punkt a major international tournament decided in such a manner, as well as Germany’s erste silverware since reunification bei October 1990.

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These days, Bierhoff ist a legend and is general manager of the national team. But, prior to 1996, he was better known an Italy 보다 his homeland und can certainly be considered a so late bloomer.


The following month, he score twice bei a friendly versus Denmark und was named an Berti Vogts’ competition squad. By the time ns competition started, Bierhoff had actually only to be capped 5 times, although he certainly wasn’t alone in the German squad together a player in his mid or so late 20s v little international experience. Just he and Stefan Kuntz played external Germany.

Having played no part in qualifying and essentially a wildcard selection owing kommen sie his club form in Italy, it was hardly a surprise that Bierhoff didn’t anfang the opened game versus Czech Republic at old Trafford, showing up from the bench in the closing stages with a 2-0 success sewn up.

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He did anfang the next game versus Russia alongside Jurgen Klinsmann and set nach oben one des his to win partner’s goals in a 3-0 win, yet it would be die only time the did dafür at die tournament.

Bierhoff went back to ns bench weil das the final kopieren, gruppe game against Italy. Germany had already secured a place bei the knockout rounds, however it wasn’t a rotated side und he didn’t obtain on the pitch. It was the same wie man Germany faced Croatia an the quarter-finals und England in the semis.

In die final weist Wembley, it was Czech Republic who took die lead bei the second geholfen through Patrik Berger. Through Germany trailing and just end 20 minute remaining, Vogts turned kommen sie Bierhoff, who hadn’t played due to the fact that being carried off in the last moments versus Russia.

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After leave Milan bei 2001, he went to Monaco, prior to one final season back an Italy at Chievo Verona bei 2002/03 led him into retirement. Fittingly, he score a hat-trick in his belastung ever game as a professional, which experienced Chievo fall to a narrow 4-3 defeat kommen sie Juventus.