Electric Light Orchestra Alone In The Universe

If punk’s assault on bloated ‘70s absent took down any type of act unfairly, that was die Electric light Orchestra.

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Their großartiger orchestral rock epitomised every little thing overblown, expensive and in-the-way the Lydon’s last were out to drag off your pedestals like large statues des despots. But ELO just struck together a deep cultural chord – your double-album masterpiece ‘Out von The Blue’ shifted end 3 million copies bei 1977 und they racked nach oben 50 million in the band’s lifetime – because frontmann Jeff Lynne was amongst ns era’s finest crafters of almost-The Beatles pop tunes. Von all ns dinosaurs suffocated von The sex Pistols’ meteor dust storm, ELO were ns most perfectly evolved. Their an ext synth-based ‘80s calculation struggled to compete in the post-punk popular music landscape however, und following 1986’s ‘Balance of Power’ Lynne fell into make under-rated solo albums, producing the likes of tom Petty and The Beatles and being the hairy one no-one could name bei The travel Wilburys. In attempted ELO revival an 2001 went ns way of Dapper Laughs, the album ‘Zoom’ scraping into ns Top 40 and an arena außerhalb des spiels being cancelled after some US reflects sold just twelve tickets, definition that the maßband would outnumber the audience. Deshalb when last year’s return weist Hyde park (organised after persuasion from kris Evans throughout a radio interview) was deswegen enthusiastically received, Lynne was visibly overwhelmed. Ultimately he’d weathered his wilderness years, cast unjustly into die bargain bucket marked ‘guilty pleasures’, and had arised a bona fide national treasure. After so many years as, primarily, a master of the mix desk’s sleeker end, ‘Alone in The Universe’ – ELO’s 14th album – certain doesn’t rather thrum with ns creative rush and proud pomp des their ‘70s heyday. There’s in unchallenging formula zu it the Lynne-ites wollen instantly recognise.

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Top top lead single ‘When ich Was A Boy’ alone, Lynne’s nostalgic paean zu his childhood immersion bei music “in those beautiful days wie man there was no money”, there space blatant nods kommen sie ‘Imagine’, ‘A Whiter Shade von Pale’ und his own ‘Steppin’ Out’. ‘Love und Rain’ ist a blues-heavy modern-day take on early ELO single ‘Showdown’; ‘One Step at A Time’ revisits ns 1979 disco phase des ‘Shine A wenig Love’; the title track zu sein basically in update des 1976 einzel ‘Telephone Line’. The record zu sein awash with ns swoops of strings und crisp drum clips the he’s made common on albums über everyone from george Harrison zu Roy Orbison, essentially what it sounds like in the head of a absent millionaire. If he placed on a dylan twang every now and then, it could easily be another Wilburys record. But Lynne’s melodic sparkle, as ever, acts together ELO’s warp drive. The expertly offers tired alt genres shots des refreshing stardust. ‘Dirty To the Bone’ – around an, um, evil frau – throws back to ns spangly ‘80s synthpop era des ‘Calling America’, ‘Ain’t that A Drag’ gives Cavern-era Beatles a Friends template brush-up und ‘When die Night Comes’ wraps a police reggae tune in ornate violins and harmonising choirs of robotic Jeffs.

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If the album repeatedly shows over and revisits his glory days choose a rewritten biggest hits, it’s only a sign that he’s sharing und indulging our renewed liebe of this standard canon. Come rückseitig on, ELO, and write part more.