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Designed kommen sie empower a neu generation von workers, die Mavic 2 Enterprise is the can be fried expression of a tool that delivers past expectation kommen sie meet present workplace challenges und future demands.

Lead without Limits. Arbeit Beyond her Boundaries.

Unlock die possibilities of flight with bei extended harbor 1 that enables you zu connect extr devices onto ns drone, helping sie perform at your best bei a variety of critical missions.

M2E Spotlight

Direct shed persons with greater ease making use of a doppel spotlight that improves your vision in low-light areas.

M2E Speaker

Communicate v ground groups during emergency situations, properly guiding pilots und workers across ns operation.

M2E Beacon

Your In-Flight Safety. Our top Priority.

Your In-Flight Safety. Our oberteil Priority.

From take-off kommen sie landing, we’ve refined the way sie interact through your drone und the environment, ensuring you oase a safe and productive flight punkt all times.

Your Aircraft and Data. Under her Control.

Simply get in your password to get access kommen sie your device and all des its features und functions. This intuitive way of logging in to your device ensures certain access to your drone und its onboard säule storage, thus preventing leakage of sensitive information.

Always in the Know of Your immediate Airspace.

Avoid hazards in the skies with biologischelandbouw.org AirSense, which improves your airspace safety von giving you instant real-time placing alerts on adjacent manned aircraft.

Fly more secure Than Ever.

Improved FlightAutonomy gives freundin omnidirectional obstacle sensing2, bei advanced sensing system comprised of 8 high resolution vision und 2 infrared sensors placed on die sides of the aircraft. Ns result? A an effective set von sensors that determine ns relative speed and distance between the aircraft and an object, dafür you kann fly and hover with an ext stability 보다 ever an a broad range des open und complex environments.

Sense and Avoid with Ease.

The progressed Pilot aid System3 enables the drone zu intuitively recognize objects top top its every move, letting sie easily fliegen around or end obstacles, particularly in tight spaces.

Refined Imaging for Tactical & handy Use.

The imaging system has been emerged with 2 goals in mind; assisting pilots in close-range missions; and ensuring captured charme is much more relevant und trusted 보다 ever.

Visualize scenarios an real time, monitor und measure objects on site much more safely and efficiently deswegen you kann sein make die most notified decisions.
For enhanced image visibility on all your caught data, Isotherm helps sie get accurate warm measurements top top a variety of objects and scenarios. With the Customize feature, you kann sein set predefined Isotherm settings zu suit your operational needs.

Zoom In. Zoom Out.

Stay close to the action – yet away from die danger. The Mavic 2 Enterprise ist equipped v a 2x optical - 3x digital zoom camera that lets you operate in close variety missions without putting yourself bei harm’s way.

Data You kann sein Trust.

Like her iOS or android device, general practitioners timestamping records ns time und date that images are taken, so you kann sein leverage charme for sector level applications wherein accuracy zu sein essential and timing zu sein vital.

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Everywhere you Go. Ns Power is Always with You.

Slim enough to carry anywhere and engineered to handle any task – whenever duty calls.

Foldable. Compact. Portable.

At 905 g the Mavic 2 Enterprise zu sein rapidly foldable and swiftly slides bei the side of your belt package, giving freundin instant power that’s conveniently accessible und transportable – wherever freundin operate.

Self-Heating Batteries weil das Adverse Environments.

Stay powered on in demanding climates through a suite des smart self-heating batteries that space capable of working in sub-zero temperatures.

In-Built Controls at Your Command.

Fly through confidence making use of a range of advanced controls that space sophisticated bei design und refined zu give you die ultimate flying endure – every time freundin take off.

Experience sheer flying performance v OcuSync 2.0, which support automatic doppelt frequency maßband switching4. This guarantee a much more reliable and stable flight, and enhanced video transmission des up to 8 km5 at 1080p resolution.
Swiftly practice through facility environments v a an effective propulsion system that boasts minimal sound, und offers expanded flight time von up kommen sie 31 minutes and a best speed von 72 kph6.
With a 24 GB internal storage, you kann sein now keep a lot more säule for her missions, enabling you zu get much more done without ns constant need des transferring images manually end SD card.
For objectives that require in unobtrusive flight, especially during die night, simply turn every the angeführt lights off, and go around your mission.

Two Ways zu Control your Aircraft

Depending on your pflicht needs, you kann sein opt zum the typical RC or biologischelandbouw.org smart controller. Both controllers schutz been unique designed kommen sie offer sie a seamless flying experience.

biologischelandbouw.org smart Controller

The biologischelandbouw.org clever Controller come with in ultra-bright 5.5-inch 1080p display screen that maintains clear visibility and vivid color even in direct sunlight. The passend zu of third-party apps zu sein supported, und it so comes pre-installed with the biologischelandbouw.org Pilot app to give you optimized flight manage throughout your operations.

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Standard remote Controller

The standard remote controller supplies up zu 135 minutes of battery life top top a full charge. That features an ergonomic und foldable design with detachable sticks, making it convenient kommen sie carry and store. Die new entwurf works far better with tendency smartphones, i beg your pardon gives sie a better operational experience.

Search and rescue

Efficiently locate missing or stranded persons in places difficult kommen sie scout with the naked eye.


Fight fires and save lebt with greater ease and mobility across your site.

Law enforcement

De-escalate conflicts an emergency situations kommen sie maintain windy safety und safeguard solution teams.

Emergency response

Locate missing people and tactically respond in emergency situations.

Powerline inspection

Safely conduct inspections on crucial infrastructure, expediting regimen maintenance tasks.

Cell tower inspection

Perform inspections with included safety und enhanced efficiency.

Bridge inspection

See ns bigger picture in complex frameworks without getting auch close to die asset.

Rescues in Swift Water and on long Trails

Empowering rettung workers with tools to better conserve lives in the community.

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when Duty calls at the Edge von a Cliff

Conducting rescue operations in dangerous and hard-to-reach places.