Dr. herbert diess

After obtaining his degree in engineering, Diess was a clinical assistant at the Institute weil das Tool Machines and Plant Management of Munich technical University, whereby he derived a doctorate an the field des assembly automation an 1987. Native 1988, that headed the Assembly Automation Department of the Institute zum Tool Machines and Plant Management.

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In 1989, he ongoing his job with robert Bosch GmbH bei Stuttgart. In 1990, he was appointed technological Director, Planning und Maintenance, of the robert Bosch plant at Treto in Spain, wherein he was General direktor from 1993.

In 1996, Diess joined BMW AG in Munich as Director, Long-Term und Structural Planning. From 1997, he headed die Process Consulting Department, first bei the production Division und later in the Engineering and Technology Division. He was then assigned to the UK, wherein he was Director des BMW’s Birmingham plant from 1999; one year later, he ended up being Director des the BMW plant bei Oxford. Bei 2003, he was appointed Director von BMW Motorcycles.

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In 2007, he became Member von the Board of Management, Purchasing und Supplier Network, and, bei 2012, Member des the Board von Management, Development, von BMW AG.Effective July 1, 2015, die Supervisory Board des Volkswagen AG appointed Dr. Herbert Diess Member des the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG und Chairman des the Board von Management of the Volkswagen Passenger car brand.

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