Now that every little thing seems to be allowed, what remains von censorship? who does the artist have to entertain, zu get die credit that deserves?


In order kommen sie shine a light on and playfully question ns relationship bolzen the artist und political power, frank Castorf calls on 2 figures.

Du schaust: Die kabale der scheinheiligen

Two? Four? Many more than that. First:Mikhail Bulgakov, writer whose books weren"t published, director who plays weren"t performed. Then: Molière, author, actor, and company manager recognised und pampered von the court, till his downfall. Then their judges: Stalin for the former, louis XIV zum the latter. Multifaceted figures, lock are deshalb actual people that Molière and Bulgakov know personally. The Frenchman responds kommen sie a commission native the könig with ns Impromptu weist Versailles. Die Russian offers it together a reference to create, three century later, die Cabal of Hypocrites and The Life von Monsieur dach Molière.

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But the famous German director wouldn"t inhalt himself through Bulgakov"s texts alone. The opens ns Kabale das Scheinheiligen zu other greats, native Racine to Fassbinder, und enriches it through dialogues produced during rehearsals... A way zum him to comment on his own relationship zu a German energie that recently removed er as director des the Volksbühne, the “People"s Theatre”. Jetzt that every little thing seems to be allowed, what remains von censorship? who does the artist have to entertain, to get ns credit that deserves?

Born bei Kiev in 1891, Mikhail Bulgakov erste worked together a doctor, and wrote his erste novels while serving in the White Army. Starting in 1920, the decided zu dedicate himself zu writing and to theatre. Condemned together pessimistic and reactionary von the regime, his erste play led to many of his books and shows gift denied publication or production.

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As bei assistant director at ns Moscow art Theatre, he wrote The Cabal des Hypocrites (1930) and ns Life of Monsieur dach Molière (1932), in which he started his enjoy about ns relationship bolzen art und power. He continued it in a satirical autobiography, A dead Man"s Memoir: A Theatrical Novel (1936), und expanded the fully bei his masterpiece, The Master and Margarita, i beg your pardon he began writing in 1929, continuing kommen sie work ~ above it till his death in 1940.

Texts Mikhaïl Boulgakov, Pierre Corneille, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Molière, Jean RacineTranslation Thomas ReschkeDirection Frank CastorfDramaturgy Sebastian KaiserMusic Sir Henry Stage entwurf Aleksandar DenicLights Lothar BaumgarteVideo Andreas Deinert, Mathias Klütz, kathrin KrottenthalerSound Klaus Dobbrick, tobias GringelCostumes Adriana Braga

With Jeanne Balibar, Jean-Damien Barbin, offen Büttner, Jean Chaize, brigitte Cuvelier, georg Friedrich, patrick Güldenberg, sir Henry, Hann Hilsdorf, Rocco Mylord, Sophie Rois, Lars Rudolph, Alexander Scheer, daniel Zillmann

Production Volksbühne in Rosa-Luxemburg-PlatzWith ns support des Goethe institut / Ministère allemand von Affaires étrangères zum the 71st auflage of die Festival d"Avignon

Le Roman außerdem Monsieur dach Molière über Mikhaïl Bulgakov, translated by Michel Pétris, is published von Éditions Gallimard

La Cabale ns dévots über Mikhaïl Bulgakov, translation by Jean-Louis Chavarot, Françoise Flamant, Christiane Rouquet and Édith Scherrer, zu sein published in Le Maître et Marguerite et autres romans suivi de Théâtre, Oeuvres ii by Éditions Gallimard in the arsenal Bibliothèque juni la Pléiade (n°505)