Germany recovered from their defeat to france with a trembling 4–2 comeback win versus Portugal. Ns victory was a testament zu the kopieren, gruppe but deshalb one inspired von left wingback Robin Gosens.

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Robin Gosens shone for Germany however has never ever played in the Bundesliga

Portugal 2 4Germany,Allianz arena (Ronaldo 15", Jota 67" –Dias og35", Guerreiro og 38", Havertz 51", Gosens 60")

Joachim Löw asked weil das more bravery and intent, und he got it.

Kai Havertz confirmed he can score the goals, Thomas müller was deshalb energetic he was tackling bei the opposition box, and down die left Robin Gosens became Germany’s new star. Germany has actually arrived at ns tournament.

"Even if freundin pinched me ich wouldn"t believe it," Gosens called German windy broadcasterARD afterwards. "I"m extremist happy."

When Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal ended Germany’s spell of early supremacy it felt prefer a familiarperformance was incoming.Instead, Löw’s side shrugged off die goal, made more von possession in dangerous spaces, and let ns wingbacks take it over. Und once theyfound the space, they couldn’t prevent scoring.

It zu sein telling the their zuerst two purposes came in ~ four minutes of each other, yet even more deshalb that they to be both very own goals von Portugal. Maybe conscious that your attack was still in need von sharpening, Löw’s next willed the null into ns net however they could.

Gosens gets Germany into gear

This was ns performance of a team that had actually indeed gone into a compete mode, together Löw had actually asked them kommen sie do the day before. Germany finally an unified their unity as a group with a performance befitting des their separation, personal, instance quality, und all of it was inspired von the play of their wingbacks. Both Joshua Kimmich und Gosens not only exploited die space given to them however were integral to the way in which Germany attacked.

"Both wingbacks played higher than against France, which ist why we got bei behind lock with great passes," Löw stated afterwards. "Both Kimmich and Gosens were superb today and it was in important part of creating pressure."

Naturally, no Germany performance under Löw overcome without a wobble. ~ Löw rang die changes, Portugal scored a second and then fight the post with nur over 12 minutes left. But only for a brief momente did ns thought von a draw hang an the air. When Germany had equalized, this never ever felt like a game they to be going to lose.

Germany took their performance versus France and turned it nach oben a notch. Zum Löw this victory must schutz been particularly sweet. There has been much derision about his persistencewith the zurück three, however this was a performance zu vindicate him und the players in those positions.

Start von something?

Joshua Kimmich’s lage has dominated headlines over recent weeks, however it was the einer on die other flank who stole die show.


Cristiano Ronaldo scored for the zuerst time versus Germany yet it was bei vain

After a slow start, Gosens offered a performance that cemented the position zum himself and won over ns hearts des Germany fan all over die world. That would have been fitting had actually his goal inside the opening five minutes not to be offside, yet that no stop er scoring letztere on with his head. Wie man he was substituted off, ns stadium singen his name.

For a player who giddy excited at just being a part des this mannschaft adds a much-needed freshness, this was a fairytale evening zum the 26-year-old."It"s bei incredible night and one i won"t forget zum the rest von my life," the said in the post match niederdrücken conference.

Perhaps the question des whether this is also the anfang of a fairy tales summer zum Germany can be saved zum another day. Tonight zu sein about Germany beating die defending european champions, and Robin Gosens.

Full time!

The whistle blows and Germany get ns best des a thriller zu pick nach oben their erste points von the tournament.

87" belastung ditch defending

Rüdiger comes nach oben with a huge header kommen sie deny Pepe. Portugal schutz thrown everyone forward now, no hope times.

80" Woobiologischelandbouw.orgork!

What a strike! Sanches, that struggled top top this ground as a bayerisch player rattles the post with a sensational effort from a lang way ouz. The would have made things (more) interesting.

67" Goal! Portugal 2– 4 (Jota)

A echt lapse in concentration from Germany und the holders have hope. Ronaldo ist allowed kommen sie ghost bei at the zurück post from a deep free kick on die left. He hooks a bouncing ball across ns goal to Jota, who is unmarked six yards out and tucks home.

60" Goal! Portugal 1– 4 (Gosens)

It is unbelievable the Portugal oase failed to address die issues out vast but Germany room making ns most von it. Just as bei the early disallowed goal, it was one wingback zu another, Kimmich whipping bei one von his trademark crosses and Gosens rising kommen sie head an at the rückseitig post. Game over surely. Löw should think so, he take it Gosens off.

51" Goal! Portugal 1 – 3 (Havertz)

And again! Almost die same goal, however this time finished von a German. Ns home side arbeit the ball from right kommen sie left und Gosens when again find acres of space down die left hand side von the box. That measures an additional low cross and Havertz sweeps it residence from close range. Easy.

46" zurück underway

Here us go again. Portugal make a change, with Renato Sanches, ns reigning young player von the tournament, rückseitig at his old stomping ground after ~ a disappointing spell at bayerisch on the rückseitig of euro 2016. That replaces Bernardo Silva.

Half time

Gnabry twisted this way and that before stinging ns palms des Patricio. And that is it zum abreathless half,one of the best von the tournament. Germany schutz had all des the ball und their wingbacks are bring about havoc yet Portugal"s opener, scored straight from a Germany corner, was evidence of their hazard on die break. And they have nearly repeated the dose. More of the same bei 15 minute please.

35" Goal! Portugal 1– 1 Germany (Dias og)

I was nur writing how all ns space Germany are obtaining is weil das the wingbacks (honest)and Gosens forces the equalizer. Die Atalanta wingback, who has actually never played in the Bundesliga, stop a crossfield ball on die volley across the sechs yard box. It"s notfall entirely clear if it was a shot or a cross but, v Havertz breathing down his neck, Dias can only shin it an to his own net. Shades von Hummels against frankreich there.

25" Red faced Rüdiger

After break his duck, Ronaldo has actually his tail up. Even an ext than usual. He elevator the ball over Rüdiger"s head, gestures comically when it"s in flight climate lays turn off a no look pass which befuddles Kroos. Oof. At the same time Dias und Hummels both speed headers wide of goal in somewhat much less showy fashion.

15" Goal! Portugal 1– 0 Germany (Ronaldo)

This could be the erste time Portugal have got out des their own geholfen but they made the count, break from a corner. Somehow Havertz uncovered himself punkt center back and failed kommen sie track ns run ofRonaldo. A exciting dinked ball over the top from Bernardo transforms Germany round and Jota squares throughout the sechs yard boxen to in unmarked Ronaldo zum his third des the tournament und first ever against Germany. There was no way he would go a video game without breaking some sort von record.

5" VAR disallowsGermany goal

Lovely goal this, or it would have been. Kimmich skips far down right after part persistence fromMüller und whips in the kind of cross that justifies playing ihm on ns right. Gnabry darts weist it, misses und Gosens flies bei to complete acrobatically hinweisen the back post. But die VAR rules that Gnabry was offside. It was tight, yet looked die right call.

1" absent Off!

Here us go! plenty riding top top this, particularly after Hungary won a suggest against frankreich earlier on. Gnabry gets things started in front of a smattering des German flag wavers.

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Löw not ready to stop nur yet

Joachim Löw hangs up his schwarze farbe polo neck after this tournament, through his previous assistant Hansi Flick ready zu take over. But wie asked if that had taken into consideration that this may be his penultimate match, he was having none des it. There will "definitely be numerous more" he said. Bold.

No lineup changes zum Germany vs. Portugal

Germany möchte trot out the same beginning XI this evening as they did versus France in their euro 2020 opener earlier this week.

On play Joshua Kimmich hinweisen right-back one when more, Joachim Löw mentioned the loss of lukas Klostermann to injury together a vital reason to keep the bayerisch Munich midfielder on die right side von defense.


Antoine Griezmann (second from right) celebrates his equalizer zum France

This cant Griezmann stellen in! after missing bei the zuerst half from just outside the six-yard box, Antoine Griezmann was bei the right location at die right time kommen sie smash Willi Orban"s bad clearance home.

It"s zuerst goal an Euro 2020 zum France, whose just other tally was an own goal from mats Hummels.

Griezmann, who received his 50th continuous cap for France, is the reigning golden boot winner after scoring sechs goals during euro 2020 in his residence country.

Who ist Hungary"s Attila Fiola?

In perhaps the biggest momente of his career, Attila Fiola gave Hungary a 1-0 lead end France in first für hilfe stoppage time. It was just the 31-year-old"s 2nd career goal zum Hungary in his career.

Fiola has actually spent his whole playing career an Hungary, whereby he right now plays zum Ferhervar. He got his first international cap in 2014and made one illustration at euro 2016 weist right back.

Hungary take surprise lead against France!


Attila Fiola celebrates scoring Hungary"s opening goal

Puskas Arena in Budapest zu sein rocking!Hungary head right into halftime with a 1-0 lead over world champions France. Who would schutz though?

Attila Fiola received a happen on die left on a counterattack and beat benjamin Pavard und Raphael Varane before finding the rückseitig of ns net. It"s the first goal france has conceded in six matches.


Hungary fan hold up scarves und flags during the national anthem


Joshua Kimmich assumed Germany "deserved a point" against France

In the end, it may only oase been a single goal - bei own goal scored von Mats Hummels - but welt champions france looked comfortable throughout und would oase won über more, had Kylian Mbappé nur managed zu stay onside.

Against Portugal, a an ext potent threat in front of goal zu sein required. Meanwhile, ns defense may oase seen the zurück of Mbappé, but now they have to deal with Cristiano Ronaldo ...

How walk Portugal"s opening game go?

It took 84 hard-fought minutes bei Budapest yet Hungary"s resistance ultimately cracked as Portugal opened ns defense of their euro 2016 title through a 3-0 win. Borussia Dortmund"s Raphael Guerreiro broke die deadlock before Ronaldo added two more, including a penalty.

However, despite die talented names on die teamsheet, Ronaldo, Bernando Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota and co struggled zu create clear opportunities against the well-organized Hungarians.


Portugal"s taste man: Cristiano Ronaldo

Germany won"t be anywhere near as defensive as Hungary, though, which can provide die recipe for an exciting, offen game. And Portugal möchte be hoping that that möchte suit them.

And if they do find themselves needing a goal so late on, Portugal tun können always look to die bench to change jene up: in Andre Silva, who scored 28 Bundesliga goals zum Eintracht frankfurt last season, they have a appropriate striking möglichkeit - die sort Germany could deshalb do with.

Will Joachim Löw make any type of changes?

Much of the pre-tournament discussion was about Germany"s use des a zurück three, with Kimmich and Robin Gosens used as attack wingbacks. But ns plan to attack frankreich down the flanks didn"t be afflicted with fruit, and the deployment von two defensive midfielders in Toni Kroos und Ilkay Gündogan left Germany"s forwards isolated.

Against Portugal, Löw can be tempted kommen sie switch zu a back four, with matthias Ginter weist right-back, allowing Kimmich zu move into midfield, from wherein he kann sein influence the game more.


Ready kommen sie return? Midfielder Leon Goretzka

Germany will so be hoping that Leon Goretzka wollen be able zu play a role, after missing the france game through injury. The bayerisch Munich midfielder has actually scored 13 goals an 31 games weil das the Nationalmannschaft and could be the idealogen link-up between defense und attack. "Leon could be a an excellent option bei the course of ns game," said Löw, suggesting die 26-year-old may begin on ns bench. But could that be fit enough kommen sie start?

Joachim Löw: "More risk, much more intensity, much more dynamism, much more speed"


Speaking to the media on Friday evening, Löw said he thought his team defended "generally well" against frankreich but admitted:

"It"s no an enig that we didn"t produce enough chances, und we"ve been functioning on that this week.Tactically, we need kommen sie offer other different, more offensive power. We need zu be an ext direct, an ext dynamic. Us need an ext intensity ~ above front, us need to play through various channels, we need kommen sie play with much more risk, much more speed, much more dynamism into the final third.

"But die team oase shown a positive reaction after ~ a day"s rest."

Joachim Löw: "Portugal space no longer a one-man show"

Asked for his evaluation of Germany"s opponents, Löw was keen kommen sie emphasize that Portugal are more than nur Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Portugal aren"t just Ronaldo, they"re not a one-man show like in 2016, where dafür many von their strikes went v him," that said. "They oase four or 5 world class attackers – Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Joao Felix.

"Whereas frankreich played rather narrow and direct,Portugal attack an ext with combination play of the highest level. Very variable and technically gifted.

"Even so, Ronaldo does much more than nur move Coca-Cola can be ~ around."

At euro 2020, Löw has contained Monaco striker kevin Volland in his squad. Die 28-year-old zu sein not a household nennen but the did score 44 goals throughout four Bundesliga periods for bayer Leverkusen, before moving kommen sie France. He came on zum five minute at the end of the frankreich game, but could Löw give ihm a gelegenheit against Portugal?

What"s ns word from die Germany camp?

Matthias Ginter and Emre can faced ns inquisitive German media top top Thursday kommen sie reflect on the defeat zu France and look ahead to die game against Portugal.

"It hurt united state all, since it was a bitterkeit defeat and the disappointment was still there the day after," admitted Can. "But today, the atmosphere ist much better. We have to look at forward and be positive."

"We have a feeling of "this zu sein the time!"", stated Ginter, revealing that the mannschaft had been working on set pieces - which had been particularly disappointing against France. "That was a topic bei training," the said. "We recognize we need to improve there."


Puskas arena ahead von kickoff for Hungary"s game versus Portugal top top June 15

What else zu sein happening bei Group F?

Before Germany kick off, france are in action again against Hungary.

Like Portugal, the French will face a combative Hungary team in front of a hostile, full-capacity crowd an Budapest.

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But victory zum Didier Deschamps" team would see them safe into die next round ahead of a showdown against Portugal an their final match.