Rail Europe zu sein directly associated to die German national rail operator, Deutsche bahn (DB), so we offer a range von cheap tickets and special offers for trains bei Germany.

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most German trains open zum booking 180 days an advance and this ist when you"ll find the cheapest tickets. We always recommend booking as far in advance together possible to get die cheapest German train tickets. Weil das more einzelheiten on booking horizons, please lakers How far in advance can I book?


Train ticket types and discounts bei Germany

Fare problems vary,with cheap train tickets in Germany typicallyoffering ns least versatility whilemore expensive tickets areusually a bit much more flexible.You should constantly check ns fare conditions associated with your tickets before buying, und if necessaryread moregeneral die info about Ticket Types: Fares & Flexibility.

Fare type Details Price/Discount
SuperSparpreis (Super Saver) ns lowest costDeutsche bahn tickets weil das journeys within Germany. These are bound to a certain train and are non-exchangeable und non-refundable.Book from 180 zu one day in advance. the entry-level price zu sein EUR €19.90 (Standard) and €29.90 (First class).
Sparpreis (Saver) Cheap Deutsche bahn tickets zum journeys within Germany. Saver fahrkarte are available weil das most domestic trains in Germany including high-speed ICE. Book from 180 zu one day bei advance. This fares allow a refund an the form of a cancellation voucher (“Stornogutschein”) that kann sein be redeemed on deutsch Bahn"s website.The voucher ist valid weil das 3 years. Up kommen sie 60% turn off full price fares. Standard klasse from €23.90, First class from €35.90 depending upon distance.
Sparpreis Aktion (Saver) Cheap Deutsche bahn tickets for journeys in ~ Germany. Aktion Saver fahrkarte are promotional fahrkarte occasionally available on residential trains in Germany including high-speed. Standard klasse from €19.90, First class from €29.90 depending on distance.
Sparpreis europa London (London Saver) Cheap train ticket from london to berlin or one more Germany city, including cross-border routes bolzen the UK und Germany durch Brussels making use of Eurostar and ICE services. Book at die latest 3 days before ns date des travel. Accessible on specified services only. Publication from 180 zu three days bei advance. First klasse tickets encompass Standard auszeichnungen seats on die Eurostar. Discount varies von route. Indigenous €59 bei Standard class or €109 bei First Class.
Sparpreis europa (Europe Saver) one-of-a-kind offer zum cross-border journeys betwee Germany und Belgium, die Netherlands, France and many an ext (see full list below). Publication from 180 to one day an advance. preis reduction varies über route. Standard class from €39, FIrst class from €69.
Flexpreis (Standard Fare) Full price Deutsche bahn ticket, supplying maximum ticket flexibility. Full preis tickets

Cheap train fahrkarte to Germany - Sparpreis/Saver fares

Previously well-known as Spezial fares, Saver fahrkarte (Sparpreis bei German) areavailable from major European cities on high-speed, long-distance trains to and from Germany.

Prices anfang at €19 in Standard Class, weil das one-way tickets purchased in advance. Us don"t keep a full list von origin stations from which it"s possible to buy Saver fares zu Germany, but die table below outlines the most usual routes.

Fare name/country Details Price
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Austria Cheap train fahrkarte from Austria to Germany. Saver tickets are easily accessible on cross-border ice or IC/EC service operated über Deutsche bahn between Germany/Austria. Easily accessible from 180 days bei advance. native €39 in Standard klasse or €69 an First Class. Journeys less than 250km indigenous €19.
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Belgium Discount fahrkarte available ~ above cross-border trains between Germany und Belgium. Precious on ice or IC/EC trains operated über Deutsche Bahn. Obtainable from 180 days an advance. As over
Sparpreis& supervisor SparpreisEuropa Croatia Cheap tickets on cross-border trains between Germany und Croatia, via Austria und Slovenia. These fahrkarte are at this time unavailable kommen sie print punkt home, dafür can"t it is in booked on Rail Europe. Visit to buy postal tickets online. As above
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Czech Republic service start/end bei Prague but are valid kommen sie or indigenous virtually any kind of city in Germany. Consists of cross-border IC/EC trains or IC Bus. Accessible from 180 days an advance. As above
Sparpreis europa Denmark Cheap tickets from hamburg (and other German cities) kommen sie Copenhagen über train. Valid on cross-border routes between Germany and Denmark (primarily Copenhagen) that include ice or IC/EC trains. As over
Sparpreis& supervisor Sparpreis europa France precious on journeys to/from france that encompass cross-border ice or TGV dienstleistungen e.g. Munich-Paris and Frankfurt-Paris, and Frankfurt-Marseilles. Accessible from 180 days an advance. As above
Sparpreis & supervisor Sparpreis europa Netherlands Discount fahrkarte available ~ above journeys to/from Amsterdam und other Dutch cities that include ice or IC/EC cross-border services. Accessible from 180 days bei advance.

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As over
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Hungary accessible on cross-border routes between Germany and Hungary (primarily Budapest). These tickets are currently unavailable kommen sie print punkt home, dafür cannot it is in booked top top Rail Europe. Visit zu buy postal fahrkarte online. As above
Sparpreis & supervisor Sparpreis europa Italy valid on cross-border trains between Germany und Italy, via Austria board ÖBB-DB EuroCity (via Kufstein und the Brenner Pass) kommen sie all train station on die route. Deshalb available via Switzerland zu all train station served von international trains to/from Milan. Obtainable from 180 days in advance. Just DB or ÖBB EuroCity trains can be used kommen sie cross the Austrian-Italian border. As over
Sparpreis & supervisor Sparpreis europa Luxembourg Cheap fares that room valid on cross-border trains bolzen Germany and Luxembourg, including ice or IC/EC trains. Available from 180 days an advance. As above
Sparpreis europa Poland available on cross-border routes betwee Germany and Poland. These tickets are currently unavailable zu print hinweisen home. Visit zu buy postal tickets online. As above
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Slovakia Cheap fares on international trains bolzen Germany and cities an Slovakia (primarily Bratislava), including eis or IC/EC cross-border trains. Obtainable from 180 days in advance. As above
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Slovenia precious on international trains betwee Germany und cities bei Slovenia (primarily Ljubljana), including ice or IC/EC cross-border trains. Available from 180 days in advance. As above
Sparpreis europa Sweden Cheap tickets from hamburg (and various other German cities) zu Malmo by train. Valid on cross-border routes bolzen Germany and Sweden that include ice or IC/EC trains. Valid bei Sweden aboard trains operated von SJ or Öresundtåg. Available from 180 days in advance. As above
Sparpreis & super Sparpreis europa Switzerland Saver tickets available for international trains to/from Swiss cities und Germany. Sell available kommen sie Basel, Bern, Interlaken, Zurich and Chur. Obtainable from 180 days an advance. As over

Special uses on German trains

in addition to the everyday German train tickets explained above, Deutsche bahn offers some one-of-a-kind offers kommen sie obtain additional discount.

Special Offer Details Price/Discount
city Ticket ns "City Ticket" zu sein automatically contained with Flexpreis and Sparpreis fares zum journeys des more than 100km. The offers totally free travel on public fahrzeug (bus, S-Bahn, subway und tram) to/from the departure or arrival terminal on the day of travel (126 urban participating). Die Super Sparpreis does not include a stadt ticket. totally free travel to/from ns station. Look for "+ City" on your ticket.
Small kopieren, gruppe Saver A solo traveller tun können obtain a Saver ticket (see above). Klein groups travel together can get a more discount: 2 people can travel together from €49.00 in Standard Class und up to three extr people might join ns group by paying a €20.00 complement each. Discount used automatically zu eligible groups. Up zu 60% off full price fares.
kids under 6 children younger than six years old travel weil das free und are not required to oase a ticket. Free for eligible searches, möchte be applied automatically.
children under fünfzehn youngsters below die age von 15 kann travel for free if they room accompanied über parents or grandparents, however they must be gotten in as passengers. Children travelling alone space entitled zu a 50% discount. will be applied automatically to eligible searches.

Railcard discountsin Germany

Railcards Details Price/Discount
BahnCard 25 Suitable zum occasional travellers and families. 25% discount on flexibel fares und all saver fares within Germany. die BahnCard 25 costs €62.00 for Standard Class and €125.00 for zuerst Class, valid weil das one year. Purchase online in advance and apply via Railcard menu on Rail Europe.
BahnCard 50 Suitable weil das frequent travellers. 50% discount on flexible fares und 25% on long-distance saver fares in ~ Germany. ns BahnCard 50costs €255.00 for Standard and €515.00 an First, valid zum 1 year. Buy online an advance und apply über Railcard menuon Rail Europe. Half-price for children, student under 27 and senior citizens end 60.
Important things to note all tickets und special offers aresubject to availability. You re welcome refer to ns fare conditions for applicable terms. tickets are available in Euros or converted in GBP us aim kommen sie keep thisinformationup zu date, however it need to be referred to as a overview only.

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