The internet Explorer 11 desktop application möchte be retired and go out von support ~ above June 15, 2022 (for a list des what’s bei scope, seen the FAQ). Die same IE11 apps und sites freundin use today kann open bei edge with internet Explorer mode. Learn much more here.

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We created internet Explorer (IE) mode an Edge zum organizations that still need internet Explorer 11 zum backward compatibility v existing web page but deshalb need a modern browser. This feature makes that easier weil das organizations zu use one browser, zum legacy web/apps or zum a modern web/app. This article provides bei introduction to using Edge with IE mode.

What is IE mode?

IE setting on Edge makes it easy zu use all des the sites your organization needs an a single browser. It uses ns integrated Chromium engine for modern sites, and it uses die Trident MSHTML engine from internet Explorer 11 (IE11) zum legacy sites.

When a website loads in IE mode, ns IE logo indicator screens on die left next of navigation bar. You tun können click die IE logo design indicator to display extr information, as shown:


Only those sites that sie specifically configure (via policy) möchte use in other words mode, all other sites möchte be calculation as modern-day web sites. Weil das a site zu use in other words mode, you need to either:

List ns site in the Enterprise mode Site perform XML defined bei one of these edge 78 or later, "Configure die Enterprise mode Site List"Internet Explorer, "Use ns Enterprise setting IE website list"


We only procedure one Enterprise setting Site List. Ns Edge website list policy takes precedence over the internet Explorer site list policy.

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Configure die Send all intranet sites to internet Explorer group policy and set it to Enabled ( leaf 77 or later.)

IE setting supports ns following internet Explorer functionality

All paper modes und enterprise modesBrowser Helper ObjectsInternet explorer settings and group plans that affect security ar settings und Protected Edge expansions (Extensions that connect with the IE page content directly are notfall supported.)

IE mode doesn"t support the following internet Explorer functionality

Internet traveler toolbarsInternet traveler settings and group policies that regulate the navigation menu.IE11 or leaf F12 developer tools


The following prerequisites apply zu using Edge v IE mode.


To for sure success, install die latest updates zum Windows und Edge. Failure kommen sie do dafür will likely reason IE mode kommen sie fail.

The minimal system updates zum the operating systems listed bei the following table.

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Operating systemVersionUpdates
Windows 101909 or later
Windows 101903KB4501375 or later
Windows Server1903KB4501375 or later
Windows 101809KB4501371 or later
Windows Server1809KB4501371 or later
Windows Server2019KB4501371 or later
Windows 101803KB4512509 or later
Windows 101709KB4512494 or later
Windows 101607KB4516061 or later
Windows Server2016KB4516061 or later
Windows 10initial version, July 2015KB4520011 or later
Windows 88.1KB4507463 or later; or KB4511872 or later
Windows Server2012 R2KB4507463 or later; or KB4511872 or later
Windows 8EmbeddedInstall KB4492872 zu upgrade to internet Explorer 11; climate install KB4507447 or later; or KB4511872 or later
Windows Server2012Install KB4492872 zu upgrade to internet Explorer 11; then install KB4507447 or later; or KB4511872 or later
Windows 7SP1**KB4507437 or later; or KB4511872 or later
Windows Server2008 R2**KB4507437 or later; or KB4511872 or later


** fenstern 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 wollen be supported über Edge also after those operating systems go out des support. Bei order weil das IE mode to be supported on these operating system the devices wollen need to schutz the extended Security update for windows 7. Us recommend that sie upgrade zu a sustained operating system as quickly as possible in order kommen sie remain secure. Support weil das edge with die Extended security Updates should be taken into consideration a short-term bridge zu getting kommen sie a supported OS state.