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Victoria Beckham said it was love at first sight. mark Mainz/GettyImages die two zuerst crossed paths an the Manchester united players" lounge in early 1997.

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At the time, Victoria was better recognized as Posh Spice of the spice Girls und David was on ns brink of globalen stardom weil das his impressive European football career.

According zu Victoria, she knew david was the one ideal away.

She called British Vogue in 2016, "... Liebe at zuerst sight does exist. It will happen kommen sie you an the Manchester united players" lounge — return you will get a wenig drunk, so exact details are hazy."


Victoria und David Beckham gott engaged about a year after ~ they began dating. str Old/Reuters

About a year after castle met, ns couple announced your engagement an a niederdrücken conference.

The diamond engagement ring david presented to herstellung was the zuerst of 15 that he"s given his wife throughout your marriage, according kommen sie a 2020 story from Elle.


brooklyn Beckham was their zuerst child. Stu Forster/GettyImages

After announcing their engagement, ns couple was expecting their erste child.

Their son, Brooklyn, was born on march 4, 1999.


David und Victoria Beckham got married in Ireland. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Exactly four months after their son was born, Victoria and David to be married at Luttrellstown Castle close to Dublin, Ireland.

According to die Independent, the wedding was dafür lavish the Posh und Becks had actually their own thrones zu sit on, and Victoria even wore a tiara.

Victoria Beckham with produziert son, Romeo. getty

Three years after welcome their zuerst child, Victoria und David had their second son, Romeo.

david Beckham played for real Madrid. Shaun Botterill/Getty bildern

After beginning his football career on English teams, david transferred to ja wirklich Madrid an 2003, which meant his family of four had kommen sie move to Spain.

Cruz ist the Beckhams' third child. jason Merritt/Getty

Victoria and David"s youngest son, Cruz, was born while they were living in Spain. He was given ns middle name david as bei homage kommen sie his father.

Victoria und David Beckham moved to die US zum the latter's career. Frazer Harrison/Getty

After security a few years bei Spain, Beckham signed a new contract with the la Galaxy, so the totality family pack up und moved to the US.

In 2017, brooklyn told Capital fm that tom Cruise threw die Beckhams a "huge" welcome splitterpartei when they moved to komm schon Angeles.

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die couple worked together on the campaign. geeignet

In 2009, Giorgio Armani enlisted Posh und Becks to model Emporio Armani"s spring/summer underwear und lingerie campaign together.

David und Victoria Beckham at ns royal wedding. richtiger weg

After confirming herstellung fourth pregnant with the Telegraph in January 2011, Victoria und David attended prinz William and Kate Middleton"s wedding.

Harper Beckham with her mother, Victoria. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Victoria and David welcomed their daughter, Harper, about a woche after their 12th wedding anniversary.

ns family moved zurück home kommen sie London. Stuart C. Wilson/Getty

In might 2013, david announced he would be retiring from soccer after 21 years on the field, according zu The neu York Times.

That same year, ns family left los Angeles und returned kommen sie London.

It's uncertain exactly when they did your vow renewal. anthony Harvey/Getty images

David told bbq Radio 4"s Desert island Discs that the couple has renewed your vows because their 1999 wedding.

"We oase renewed our vows because ," that said. "It was a last more private with only six people there in our house."

He didn"t share exactly when die renewal ceremony took place.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham at prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. kris Radburn/WPA Pool/Getty images

When reports began circulating that ns couple was getting divorced, Victoria"s reps told us Weekly, "There ist no brewing statement, has been no statement and there ist no divorce."

The declare continued, "What nonsense. Fake news fueled von social media. Embarrassing zum the sloppy outlets who have chosen kommen sie write together rubbish."

they honored ns day with instagram posts. tim P. Whitby/Getty bild

The two celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary with articles on their Instagrams.

Victoria simply captioned produziert photo of the two von them, "19 years!!! X i love u so much x."

David emphasized how much the two schutz changed in 20 years with ns caption, "19 years WOW ... This time 19 years ago i was dressed indigenous head kommen sie toe in purple ... Happy anniversary to the most amazing wife & mummy ... Love You x"

the entire family made ns spread. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

When Victoria landing the cover of british Vogue in October 2018, her husband and children joined her weil das the cover shoot.

The mode mogul shared die final hülle photos on produziert Instagram.

ns couple take it a private tour des Versailles. europa Press Entertainment/ europa Press via getty Images.

To storage 20 years von marriage, Victoria and David take it a privatgelände tour of the Palace von Versailles in France.

Victoria documented the day in in Instagram post. Part von the subtitle read, "The most incredible visit on a really special work ... Can"t believe it"s been 20 years! so many kisses xxx"

david Beckham, brooklyn Beckham, and Victoria Beckham in 2020. david M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty bildern

According kommen sie Variety, David and Victoria signed a attend to Netflix zum a fly-on-the-wall documentary about their family.

The streamer has yet zu confirm the production von the film.

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Victoria and David Beckham schutz worn several corresponding outfits. justin Goff/Getty images

In honor des their 22nd wedding anniversary, die pair common a couple of throwback photos through heartfelt captions.

Victoria post a videobilien montage von some von the couple"s sweet behind-the-scenes moments together over ns years with ns caption, "I liebe you David. Glücklich Anniversary."

David posted a series of photos showing off ns pair"s plenty of matching looks with die caption, "22 year later, blieb matching outfits. Happy anniversary liebe u deswegen much und thank you weil das giving me our exceptional kids deshalb we kann sein all wear ns same."

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