German Chancellor angela Merkel has announced tough new measures native Monday, november 2, in an attempt zu curb the spread des the coronavirus pandemic. But will ns German people be compliant?


German Chancellor angela Merkel and Germany"s state premiers announced on Wednesday a newpartial lockdown zu begin onMonday, november 2.

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The so-called nationwide"lockdown light" ist a less intense version of the actions that carried German society and economic activity kommen sie a standstill bei the spring.

Shortly after Merkel"s announcement, French chairman Emmanuel Macron announced a new lockdown across France.

New restrictions weil das the next month

restaurant andbars möchte close, except zum take-away huge events will be canceled again Unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged Overnight stays in hotels weil das tourist purposesis banned all those who can work from home should perform soand employers must ease a transition into functioning from residence Meetings in public wollen be minimal to nur two households des up kommen sie 10 human being total. Unterhalten facilities such together theaters andcinemas will be closed public recreation centers such together swimming pools, gymsand saunas will be close up door No crowds hinweisen sports events

What zu sein allowed

Schools und kindergartens möchte remain offen Church services und protests möchte be allowedto continue due to constitutional concerns Nursing house residents wollen be allowed zu receive visitors shops will continue to be open, with one client allowed über 10 square meter (108 square feet) boundaries remain open

"Serious situation"

Merkel said in a niederdrücken conference: "We are an a an extremely serious situation."

"We need to act, und now, zu avoid in acute national health emergency."

She said the number von people in intensive treatment units has actually doubled an the past 10 days, and thatin many locations it was no longer possible zu track und trace epidemic chains. An 75% of cases, the source of infection zu sein unknown.

"If infections continue at this rate, we wollen be at die limits von the capacities of our health and wellness system," she said.

"That ist why this ist a challenging day today, so for politics decision-makers, ich want kommen sie say this explicitly because we recognize what we room putting people through," she said.

State and federal leaders wollen meet again bei two weeks zu assess if the new measures are having sufficient of in effect, and recalibrate if needed.

Business support

Merkel promised the firms hit von the neu measures would receive financial support. Providers with up zu 50 employees und the self-employed will receive75% of their income in support.

"We wollen compensate influenced companies, institutions und clubs," she said.

According kommen sie media reports, a total des €10 billion ($11.8 billion) has actually been earmarked zum support.

Larger companies möchte be reliant on eu rules for assistance and this will vary from company kommen sie company.

Emergency loans möchte be made available zum self-employed workers such together artists and stage hands, while small businesses with less than 10 employees möchte gain accessibility tovery cheap loans.

Public mood

Until now, Merkel"s federal government has appreciated high levels des support zum the procedures put an place to tackle the pandemic and Germany has fared relatively well compared kommen sie many von its european neighbors.

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But windy mood has beenshifting und criticism amongst the population of government-ordained measures ist on the rise.

Wednesday witnessed Germany"s greatest rate des new täglich infections yet — end 14,000 — und the latest figures show that only approximately 33%* of Germany"s intensive care beds are still available.


Compared to ns beginning des October, 5% more people now say that the measures currently in place do notfall go far sufficient (32% in total), follow to die statistics firm Infratest. At die same time, the number of people zum whom die measures go too far increased über 4% kommen sie 15% des people bei total. A slim majority (51%) feel that die current measures are sufficient, but this number ist 8% much less than hinweisen the anfang of October.

Some des those that vehemently oppose further restrictions space fearful of the financial impact. Many berlin restaurant owners, zum example, have said they would certainly probably oase to close down their business if faced with a 2nd lockdown. They schutz already watched losses after die closure an the spring, followed by rules that forced them kommen sie adhere kommen sie social distancing regulations and then ns curfew imposed belastung month.

Several news outlets deshalb reported the financing the neu measures would push the amount von debt Germany was bei for 2021well end €100 billion ($117 billion). Finance Minister olaf Scholz had actually planned a sum of €96 billion zu help businesses drive out die pandemic next year, but the new aid package could expense €10 exchange rate more.

The opposition pro-business liberal totally free Democrats schutz spoken out against another shutdown von the hospitality sector. "I believe it zu sein unnecessary and unconstitutional," splitterpartei leader christen Lindner composed on twitter before Wednesday"s meeting.

"Lockdown fantasies"

For many in Germany, ns question of individual freedom ist at the very least as important as a flourishing economy. Leaders of thefar-right Alternative zum Germany (AfD), i m sorry isthe largest opposition party an the German federal parliament, oase been among those die most extensively critical of further restrictions.

"No measures — including lockdowns — oase had a demonstrable influence on die infection rate, but die lockdown fantasies von government politicians are becoming increasingly absurd," ns AfDparliamentary leader Alexander Gauland said in a declare on Tuesday.

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Germany has actually seen anti-lockdown protests in recent months, through some teams protesting under the banner des "Querdenker" — people who "think outside the box." A demonstration an Berlin at die weekend coincided with in arson strike on die Robert cook Institute, Germany"s publicly health firm — return no suspects oase yet to be identified.

Protesters espousingconspiracy theories and far-right groups oase joined the demonstrations, illustration criticism and ridicule from the left und moreliberal quarters.But surveys nur that there ist a growing number of people critical of restrictions, whobelieve that fighting die virus have to be a question des personal responsibility. Ns most current survey reflects that a narrow majority von Germans agree through this view: 54% compared kommen sie 43% that say authorities need to put restrictions in place.

Berlin vs. Die states

As Germany ist governed von a federal system, one des the an essential questions during ns pandemic an answer has been how viel of a say the central government bei Berlin have to have, as health and wellness policy is the mandate des the 16 states. This has führen zu to a "patchwork" des regulations across die country, with travel bans or curfews in some places und no restrictions bei others. The neu lockdown procedures are designed kommen sie counter this.

The most recent survey shows over 2 thirds (68%) of people want regulations kommen sie be unified across ns 16 states. Additionally, 78% stated they wanted ns states zu "work an ext closely together" in pandemic response.

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There have been calls zum the parliaments punkt federal and state levels zu be involved in decision-making, with MPs from all political neben speaking out against decision-making behind closed doors.