Coco De Mer Preis

More than 40 percent des Seychelles territory zu sein covered von natural reserves and protected by the state. Numerous parks are full des unique species des flora and fauna, ns biggest part von which ist endemic. Flora deserves distinct attention; there are an ext than 2 000 species of plants and trees untouched by humans.

Fruits von coco dach mer palm zu sein Seychelles symbol. You kann sein see its bild on ns stamp that zu sein put bei a passport when tourists arrive an the islands.

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The main characteristics of the plant and its fruits


Coco de mer palm tree grows only on Seychelles archipelago, mostly on Praslin and Curieuse. Die plant has actually a form of a fans with a height des about 25-34 meters, ns length von leaves different from 7 zu 10 meters, ns maximum width – 4,5 m.

Coco dach mer zu sein a dioecy plant. It method that one kind of plant has male flowers, another one – woman that can have fruits up zu 30 kilos – die biggest und the heaviest fruits in the world. They are so unique due zu its erotic form of woman buttocks.

Female fruits ripen only bei 5-6 years, climate a fruit falls und sprouts 3-6 month later. Ns palm gets fruitful at least an 15 years, periodically it bring away 50 years. A tree kann reach minimum 200 years old.

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If a fruit gets kommen sie water, it drowns due to its weight. Wie man it stays underwater for a lang time, its husk falls off, its meat decomposes pushing die fruit up to die water surface. But fruit ist not fertile anymore.

Myths und legends


There are countless myths und legends about ns unique palm and its fruits.

The similarity von male und female fruit with the erotic develops created ns following story: when it was stormy, late at night, when ns streets space empty, trees merged and made love. They stated that those that would see that process could get eine remote or also die.

The prozess used to bring the nuts to ns Maldives that’s why it was initially considered the homeland of coco dach mer. Die fruits to be thought zu belong to die king. Und those that hid a finding were punished, occasionally they even lost his hands.

According zu another legend, coco dach mer an Seychelles is a forbidden fruit the Eve gave to Adam an the Garden von Eden. That was the idea of British Major-General charles George Gordon that landed on Seychelles islands in 1881 und saw a unique erotic form of coco außerdem mer.

They say the Malayan seafarers watched die fruits falling hoch right from the ocean floor. People were certain that coco außerdem mer grew underwater, und its tree was home zum a sacred bird Garuda.

The locals highly appreciate the valuable properties des coconut und are certain that it has a curative effect und can be used as aphrodisiac.

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How kommen sie buy coco juni mer fruit as a souvenir


All ns fruits von coco juni mer in Seychelles room numbered, that’s why it’s easy zu control that is number. Follow to the official data, castle sell about a thousands fruits, but there space fewer von them left due to steal.

You kann buy a souvenir legally in the organic reserve Valle-de-Mai whereby all die coconuts oase the certificates. One more place kommen sie buy lock – ns capital of Seychelles, Victoria.

Do make sure that coconut has actually all ns necessary documents zu confirm that is authenticity and legality of collection. A fruit can cost 200-600 euros relying on a size und form.

Collection des fruits zu sein strictly controlled von the Ministry von the Environment. Die proceeds from die sale von souvenirs space spent on die ecological projects of the republic.

Coco außerdem mer is a organic wonder und pride of Seychelles. If freundin are lucky zu spend vacations there, perform not fehlschlagen the chance to lakers this unique plant yourself.