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Tablet: For tablet ausführung support und feedback, you re welcome use this form. For letters to ns editor, submissions, und permissions requests, please follow ns instructions below., und include her postal address and daytime call number. Letters might be edited for length und clarity, and may it is in published in any medium. All letters become ns property of The neu Yorker.

Fiction submissions: Please send your submissions (as PDF attachments) to fiction, or von mail zu Fiction Editor, The neu Yorker, 1 welt Trade Center, New York, NY 10007. We review all submissions in ~ ninety days, und will contact freundin if we’re interested bei publishing her material. Us regret that, fan to the volume des submissions us receive, we space unable zu call or postwahlwirren unless a story ist accepted zum publication. If you have not heard from united state within ninety days, you re welcome assume that we will notfall be able to publish your manuscript. Submissions sent by regular briefe will notfall be returned, dafür please do notfall send initial copies of your work.

Poetry submissions: Poetry is reviewed top top a roll basis. We accept submissions durch Submittable only. Send trost to sechs poems (in a einzel document) über submission, but please do not submit more than twice in twelve months. We do not consider work that has showed up elsewhere (this consists of all web sites and personal blogs). We space interested bei translations des poems that oase never to be published bei English. Simultaneously submissions space welcome, but please educate us promptly, using your Submittable account, if a poem has been embraced elsewhere. We check out all submissions und strive to respond within six months, but, due to ns volume us receive, ns wait may be longer.

Shouts & Murmurs and täglich Shouts submissions: Please send your entry (as a PDF attachment) to TNY_Shouts We read all submissions and try to answer within sechs months. We ask the you not send us an ext than one submission punkt a time, and that freundin wait zu hear rückseitig about every pending submission prior to sending another. Keep an mind that Shouts & Murmurs room humorous fiction; first-person essays will notfall be considered.

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Cartoon submissions: Cartoons space reviewed top top a roll basis. You may send as many as ten cartoons per submission, however please do not submit more than once a month. We do notfall consider work that has appeared elsewhere (including on Web sites and personal blogs), and we do not consider ideas zum cartoons, only completely drawn cartoons. We deshalb do notfall consider illustrations, caricatures, or covers. We try zu respond as soon as possible, but we do get a big number des submissions. We do not accept submissions via e-mail or e-mail; instead, you re welcome upload your work via Submittable.

Other submissions: We remorse that we cannot think about unsolicited Talk von the Town stories or other nonfiction.

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Permissions and back issues: For permissions and licensing requests, please send an e-mail kommen sie image_licensing Encompass the content title and description, as well as issue dates, buchseite numbers, names von authors and artists, and any other verwandt, angemessen information.

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