Citroen C3 Aircross Test

Launched an 2017, the C3 Aircross stood for a small rebellion at Citroën since it was his very zuerst SUV.

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At ns time, he was playing among die heavyweights of his genre through his 4.16 m an length und his advanced technical equipment. Since then, ns segment has been invaded von new representatives who play the overbid, including the cousin Peugeot 2008, longer von 14 cm and based top top the new CMF platform when die Citroën is based top top the old base of the group. A technical difference which limits the possible evolutions zum the C3 Aircross und which partly describes why it plays the minimales service for this zuerst aesthetic redesign.

The front von the Citroën C3 Aircross evolves an depth, but ns reading levels von the new entwurf are a little numerous.

Its neu front challenge marks ns difference über playing on more angular currently which contrast with die curves of the first version. The most aesthetic might regret the choice to fit square an these plump curves, but ns specifications to be clear: reduce its toy aspect. For the rest, no neu engines, neu technologies or revised running gear: the transforms are limited to a bigger multimedia screen, a neu center console, progressed Comfort seats und new interior und exterior decors. Citroën was he auch shy? Does the C3 Aircross manage zu survive among ever younger and numerous competitors? Answer an the complying with paragraphs.

Citroën C3 Aircross restyled price

With die most powerful 130 hp petrol engine, the C3 Aircross zu sein only available an the EAT6 automatically transmission. This zu sein specific zu its cousins ​​Opel Crossland and Peugeot 2008, also offered bei manual gearbox version. However, at 25,500 € in Shine finish, our test modell remains cheaper 보다 a 2008 PureTech 130 BVM6 Allure (26,100 €) and expenses € 1,100 much less than ns Opel in the GS heat EAT6 version. Ns Citroën clearly plays the preis card there is no offering negative equipment.

While die vehicle skips digital instrumentation, the offers wagen air conditioning, navigation and automatic notfall braking as standard an our Shine finish, which is no longer the top of the range. It is indeed necessary zu opt weil das the Shine pack to have refinements such as die hands-free opening and especially die sliding bench, readily available as an option punkt 300 € on our finish. Note that, an this livery, ns C3 Aircross pays for its enlarge design von suffering ns ecological penalty, happily moderate; the preis is bolzen 150 und 260 € escape on the equipment.

Apart native the neu quarter panel trims, few changes are to be detailed at ns rear des the C3 Aircross 2021.

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in recent years, Citroën has actually put comfort at ns top des its marketing points. This was already die case when ns C3 Aircross was released bei 2017, and the manufacturer did not see fit to adjust its tuning. However, jene are blieb changing weil das the driver and occupants with ns introduction des Advanced comfort seats with special foam. Suddenly the feeling of softness is reinforced, and this SUV can blieb claim kommen sie be the most comfortable bei its segment, even wie man compared to ns Peugeot 2008 through a particularly flexibel suspension. Without gift a “flying carpet”, the absorbs ns worst bumps und holes v hydropneumatic phlegm.

In bends, die C3 Aircross is not really sharp. The mass of the automatic transmission des this 130 hp version does notfall help.

On die other hand, in terms of behavior, Citroën has not reached a deteriorate as brilliant as that des the city car C3. The SUV zu sein indeed much less agile and even really lazy when entering a curve. A feeling reinforced über the lack of steering feel und by a fairly clear role grip. Suddenly, we quickly prefer a flow von walking, also if die level von grip des its Bridgestone tires is not ns cause. Zum the rest, us find ns 1.2 PureTech as an itself: quite sound under load, it ist not cost-free from vibrations weist 1,500 rpm, where the EAT6 automatically gearbox (platform 1 does not allow kommen sie switch zu EAT8) likes to lower it kommen sie lower consumption. Always energetic, the PureTech 130 makes ns C3 Picasso a powerful modell but also quite greedy. Intake easily rises over 7 wie / 100 km and, even on our particularly favorable prüfen drive, us struggled zu drop below 6.5 l. If we perform not glauben very much in the merits des micro-hybridization bei terms des consumption, we cannot aid but think that Citroën could schutz made a little more effort in this area, when electrification zu sein a reality. Amongst its competitors.

an the cockpit

Inside the C3 Aircross, ns two main developments are the appearance of a larger 9-inch screen und a modified hauptquartier console. It accommodates a storage box und cup holders thanks kommen sie a smaller handbrake control.
You always oase to go through ns central screen to adjust ns air conditioning. The multimedia system, practically identical, becomes frankly outdated, as is the reversing camera with an extremely poor definition.
The size / habitability ratio ist a echt strong point des the C3 Aircross: at ns rear die legroom und head an are appear very comfortable, also if ns bench backrest turns out to be a wenig too domed.

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The C3 Aircross zu sein one des the couple of representatives des its segment kommen sie benefit indigenous a sliding bench bei two parts. It allows you kommen sie vary the boot volume from 410 to 520 liters depending on its position.
Not only zu sein the bench sliding, but the passenger seat can be folded right into a tablet, which is rare in the category. A real plus wie it comes kommen sie loading long objects.


to say that the urban SUV segment zu sein crowded is obvious. And this ist the problem of C3 Aircross, which encounters a ja wirklich army, including within his very own group. Stellantis opposes him nothing much less than ns Peugeot 2008 und its close cousin the Opel Crossland already mentioned, but so the Opel Mokka in spite of its placing a wenig more upscale. The Renault Captur zu sein obviously one des its rivals in its TCe 140 EDC version. While less soft bei suspension, it zu sein both quieter und more efficient und has much more modern-day equipment for a viel higher cost, however: € 28,350 in the Intens finish. The list des urban SUVs becomes endless, particularly as some manufacturers sell two: this ist the case of Hyundai with the Kona and the Bayon or des Volkswagen with the T-Cross and T-Roc. Notfall to mention ns Nissan Juke, the Skoda Kamiq, ns sporty Ford Puma or the more adventurous Jeep Renegade. Something kommen sie border ~ above indigestion!

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