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Pitt’s attorneys oase responded, saying Jolie has been ‘unnecessarily’ prolonging ns custody fight because a judge wouldn’t rule an her favor


In this combination photo, Angelina Jolie, left, arrives at the European Premiere of “Maleficent Mistress des Evil” in central london on Oct. 9, 2019, und Brad Pitt poses in the press room at ns Oscars on april 25, 2021, bei Los Angeles. A California appeals court top top Friday, July 23, 2021, disqualified a private judge being used by Angelina Jolie und Brad Pitt in their divorce case, handing Jolie a significant victory. Ns 2nd ar Court von Appeal agreed v Jolie that Judge john Ouderkirk didn’t saturated disclose unternehmen relationships through Pitt’s attorneys. Ns decision method that the custody hit over the couple’s 5 minor children, which was nearing bei end, can be starting over. (AP Photo)
By Martha Ross | just Area news Group
September 22, 2021 punkt 7:42 a.m.

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Angelina Jolie’s recent strike versus Brad Pitt in their continuous custody battle zu sein to accuse produziert ex-husband des trying zu use his movie stern status to gain one-of-a-kind treatment an the California courts.

The accusation from Jolie’s legal team comes in court files filed Monday in the California supreme Court und obtained von Page Six.

Pitt’s legal mannschaft responded in in interview with buchseite Six, saying the Jolie has actually been “unnecessarily” prolonging die custody fight since a referee ruled versus her and said Pitt should obtain 50/50 custody von their five minor children, eras 13 zu 17.

Jolie’s allegations versus Pitt come in response zu a petition he filed belastung month, seeking to overturn in appellate court’s decision zu dismiss Judge john Ouderkirk, who had been overseeing their contentious custody struggle over die past 5 years. Jolie’s lawyers said die Supreme Court should refuse Pitt’s effort to cast aside ns ruling von the 2nd District Court des Appeal.

“This sort von gamesmanship, a desperate effort von a celebrity litigant seeking unique treatment, is not what this Court’s restricted review sources are for,” Jolie’s lawyers said. “There is nothing to see or evaluation here. There is no issue meeting this Court’s rigorous requirements for, or worthy of, review.”

The appellate court ruled in July that Judge john Ouderkirk have to be disqualified after ~ he delivered Pitt, 57, a victory in the couple’s custody fight. Ouderkirk, a private judge hired über both neben at the anfang of ns case, had tentatively granted Pitt share custody von the couple’s 5 minor children. Pitt previously had actually visitation.

Ouderkirk, who also performed ns couple’s 2014 wedding ceremony weist their Château Miraval French estate, also denied Jolie’s inquiry to have three of their youngsters testify in their custody trial und to current evidence des domestic violence.

Jolie challenged Ouderkirk’s neutrality, based upon his failure kommen sie disclose prior business ties to Pitt’s attorneys. Ns appellate court agreed the Ouderkirk need to be dismissed because of his viewed bias in favor von Pitt.

The evaluation requested über Pitt bei the supreme Court argued that Ouderkirk’s failure to disclose the unternehmen ties was nothing more than “a minor and inadvertent administrative error.”

Pitt’s attorney, Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., accused Jolie von being the party resorting kommen sie “gamesmanship.” He so alleged she was unnecessarily dragging out the case, simply since a qualified judge she had lang approved von wouldn’t rule an her favor.

In an interview with seite Six, Boutrous said ns appellate court’s judgment “will reward partys who are losing child custody cases, und condone your gamesmanship, by allowing them kommen sie wait und see about die likely direction des the case prior to seeking die disqualification von the judge.”

Boutros additionally said the appellate court judgment “will reason irreparable harm zu both the children and families involved in this case, and other families in other cases, by unnecessarily prolonging the resolution von these disputes in an already overburdened court system.”

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September 2016, but ns one-time hollywood super pair remain locked bei contentious and costly legal fight over their children. They room parents to six, but their oldest son, Maddox, who zu sein 20, is not topic to die custody ruling.

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Family legislation experts schutz generally wondered about whether Jolie and Pitt’s protracted divorce hit is in the best interests von their children, who so include Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, und 13-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne. Experts interviewed by this news organization note that ns children room all jetzt teenagers who are expected to schutz greater manage than young kids over which parental they direkte with und how they spend their time, even if it is it’s v peers or bei activities.

Experts also said it’s normally “traumatic” for children von all ages kommen sie be referred to as into court and asked zu testify. They said Ouderkirk likely based his custody judgment on testimony indigenous therapists that interviewed ns children und others involved in their day-to-day lives.

In a recent interview with ns Guardian, Jolie suggested that she und her children suffered trauma at die hands of Pitt. While the actor und director claimed she was legally prevent from directly commenting on ns case, she comment affirmatively kommen sie a reporter’s question about whether she feared zum the security of her children when married kommen sie Pitt.

“Yes, weil das my family. My entirety family,” Jolie said.

Jolie, who deshalb is a UN distinct envoy for refugee rights, put herstellung custody fight bei broader, humanitarian terms. She shown to ns Guardian that produziert personal endure with Pitt — end a decade-long relationship und two-year marriage — made produziert realize ns importance des children’s rights, which is why she co-authored a new book weil das children, “Know her Rights und Claim Them: A Guide zum Youth.”

In addition, Jolie confirmed to die Guardian that she was alluding to ns domestic violence allegations she made against Pitt wie man she claimed she became concerned that her children’s civil liberties were not being honored.

The “Once ~ above a Time an Hollywood” actor always has denied gift physically abusive zu his children, though he admitted in interviews that he had actually alcohol and anger management troubles that contributed kommen sie his divorce. He stated he addressed these issues in recovery.

The FBI and child welfare officials so cleared Pitt des wrongdoing over a well-publicized confrontation that apparently spurred Jolie to file for divorce. Die confrontation affiliated Pitt und Maddox, und it arisen during a private flight delivering Jolie, Pitt and their kids from france to komm schon Angeles. Pitt was accused of being verbally und physically abusive in the direction of Maddox during the flight.

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During the Guardian interview, Jolie more attempted kommen sie cast Pitt bei a badewanne light von claiming the he continued to work with harvey Weinstein, also after she told him that the disgraced producer had sexually harassed produziert when she functioned with er on 1998 film “Playing von Heart.”

Jolie stated she turned under a film role because Weinstein was involved, so it “was hard zum me” wie man Pitt continued to work on projects on i m sorry he was involved, including the 2012 film “Killing castle Softly.” “We fought around it. Of course it hurt,” Jolie said.

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Meanwhile, Jolie’s recent legal salvo comes together Pitt has launched legal action against her in Luxembourg to stop her selling produziert shares of their $164 million Château Miraval estate, buchseite Six deshalb reported. Pitt has actually accused Jolie von trying market off her 50 percent stake in the Provencal legacy without giving Pitt the erste option to buy herstellung out. Ns estate to produce a highly rated rosé wine that ist sold at many supermarkets zum around $20 über bottle.