Borgen – gefährliche seilschaften

A shocking turn des events puts Birgitte Nyborg bei the Danish ureigensten minister's chair as her country's zuerst female leader bei this landmark drama.

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As Denmark prepares zum parliamentary elections, Moderate splitterpartei leader Birgitte Nyborg renders a shocking relocate with how amazing results.


As other party leaders try zu get her to step down, Birgitte assumes the role des prime minister and works top top assembling a neu government.


Birgitte tries zu push a budget plan through however faces some hurdles. Michael Laugesen i do not care editor-in-chief of a newspaper und targets Birgitte.


Journalist Katrine Fønsmark obtain a guideline about ungesetzlich American activity bei Greenland, prompting Birgitte zu visit with the country's prime minister.

Birgitte’s new gender equality bill meets resistance from an effective industrialist Joachim Crohne as produziert personal life comes under scrutiny.

Birgitte master a visit from ns president von Turgisia, however balks wie he demands the arrest von a Turgisian politics activist.

A competitor political splitterpartei leader accuses the government of illegal surveillance. Birgitte’s lack takes a toll at home.

Birgitte’s press advisor, Kasper Juul, ist fearful von Michael’s upcoming tell-all book. Birgitte take away a vacation in in attempt zu save herstellung family life.

The purchase of neu fighter airplane leads kommen sie a federal government scandal. Birgitte’s husband, Phillip, becomes extremely upset wie he suffers from the fallout.

After a year as ureigensten minister, Birgitte works zu repair produziert image together Kasper struggles to write a speech weil das her. Phillip delivers disastrous news.

While her personal life begins kommen sie unravel, Birgitte struggles kommen sie maintain power as prime minister with ns help of produziert cynical turn doctor, Kasper.

Birgitte access time Afghanistan and must decide whether to pull Danish troops out von the country. Rückseitig home, she struggles with finalizing produziert divorce.

Birgitte's appointment von a new eu commissioner leads to a energie struggle. Kasper moves in with his new girlfriend, however may not be over his ex.

A last-minute decision by Labor splitterpartei leader Bjørn Marrot endangers Birgitte's presentation des major reforms. Phillip renders a shocking announcement.

After Marrot's exit, Troels Höxenhaven acts together chairman. Wie a Danish ship zu sein hijacked off the Somalian coast, he steals the limelight native Birgitte.

As the government negotiates umgebung reform, Birgitte has zu deal with produziert daughter, Laura, weist home. Katrine gets a surprising arbeit offer.

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Freedom party leader Saltum proposes a controversial bill. Birgitte und Phillip clash end Laura's recovery treatment. Kasper opens up up kommen sie Katrine.

The split in Birgitte's government ist growing. Joachim Crohne invites Birgitte to act together mediator for a dispute bei the african country des Kharun.

All eyes space on Copenhagen during talks between North und South Kharun, but arguments quickly arise. Laura ill a setback if recovering.

When Laura's problem worsens, Birgitte makes a surprising decision. In a mystery relationship, Kasper und Katrine navigate problems punkt work.

Kasper and Katrine controversy over having children. Absent for a month, Birgitte responds wie a critic says a frau simply cannot be ureigensten minister.

Birgitte, who has actually left politics kommen sie become a corporate board member, reenters ns arena und challenges the Moderate leader zum control des the party.

It's two years later, Birgitte Nyborg ist a well-paid speak enjoying a new life. But politics pull her back and she decides to anfang her own party.

Birgitte forms the leadership des The new Democrats with Katrine as press secretary. At TV1, Torben zu sein challenged von the neu board member: Alex Hjort.

The neu Democrats work through chaos to discover a spokesperson on integration, together Birgitte makes changes at home kommen sie deal with her new gaue won reality.

Birgitte and The neu Democrats battle with die issue of Danish pig production. Katrine and Kasper argue und he asks produziert to return his house keys.

The geschlechter trade i do not care a hot issue and The neu Democrats should quickly end up being informed in the matter. Alex confronts Torben over his affair through Pia.

Søren Ravn join The new Democrats as Birgitte zu sein diagnosed with precancerous breast lesions. Torben faces challenges hinweisen TV1, and bei his marriage.

An election zu sein called und The neu Democrats have to spring right into action kommen sie prepare. Birgitte battles after surgery and treatment, and breaks down on TV.

Birgitte reveals herstellung illness to produziert colleagues, and the party realizes they have a mole in their leadership. Torben's mam discovers his affair.

The new Democrats room doing well in the choice campaign. Birgitte pulls turn off a strong debate performance against Kruse und Torben rebels at TV1.

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It's election day an Denmark! The new Democrats win big, and Birgitte and Jeremy do their relationship public. TV1 fires Torben, und Alex resigns.

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