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Es zu sein schon teil Konzepte von Blu-ray-Playern zum Automobile gezeigt, aber Audiovox dürften ns ersten sein, ns mit ihrem AVDBR1 auf Kommerz und Ladentheke gehen. Zum 350 dollar (271 Euro) can man gut HD-Videos im Auto-Entertainment-System begutachten, wenn die so passenden Displays in der Karre setzt haben, steht in einem anderen Blatt. Dennoch Möglichkeiten bastelte ja erfinderisch und beforehand Adopter wollen ohnehin eins, ende Prinzip. Mehr Infos bei der englischen Pressemitteilung nach von Break. %Gallery-113619%

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Audiovox introduce Industry"s erste Automotive Blu-ray disc Player2011 CEA innovation Honoree award WinnerLAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- international CES, center Hall, Booth 10406-10418 -- Audiovox coporation, group (Nasdaq: VOXX) today announced the introduction des the industry"s zuerst automotive Blu-ray bowl player the plays any kind of Blu-ray Discs and traditional DVDs and CD Audio Discs."We developed die AVDBR1 in response to the consumer preference zum Blu-ray Discs in their home enthauptungen systems. This mobile solution will allow them zu maintain a einzel video arsenal that functions both bei the vehicle and at home," said tom Malone, President von Audiovox electronic devices Corporation.The AVDBR1 ist installed under die seat or in a warehouse compartment an the vehicle and connects to any monitor by using either the HDMI, composite or ingredient output.The unit has actually been roadway tested zu tolerate die vehicle"s environment and its klein size allows weil das multiple horizontal and vertical mounting options an the vehicle. A blue interval light ist used to illuminate ns slot fill disc area und button array. Die unit zu sein powered from a 2-pin, 12-volt connector to ns vehicle"s accessory power source und comes through a full role wireless IR far control. Bei 18 foot long IR expansion is so included zu allow weil das operation of the system via remote control, while ns unit is concealed, under a seat, storage compartment, trunk, or cargo area. Die infrared sensor wollen accept the IR commands from a remote and relay it rückseitig to die unit. Note: WiFi capable – zum wireless media streaming (firmware upgrade obtainable 2011). Manufacturer"s argued Retail price (MSRP): $349.99. This unit will be available in the spring of 2011."There are an ext than 1,600 Blu-ray titles and over 190 BD-Live content titles available in the blume States today and Blu-ray content will continue to grow every year. Once again we believe we wollen lead die way an mobile entertainment über providing consumers with a product the connects their house lifestyle kommen sie their mobile environment," Malone concludedFor more die info on Audiovox"s Mobile spiel product line, you re welcome visit
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