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Airport of arrival:Ben Gurion international Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Tel Aviv:2 hrs 10 minutes

Tel Aviv zu sein Israel"s second-largest city und is considered ns country"s commercial, economic and tourism capital. The stadt is considered zu be the most beautiful Mediterranean city in the middle East. Founded in the at an early stage 19th century, the city has occurred rapidly and has got to a population of 3 million today. Tourism an Tel Aviv is well developed und there are plenty of night clubs offen around the clock. It ist very easy to find flights zu Tel Aviv, which ist visited von tourists from every over ns world.

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Tel Aviv zu sein one des the most developed cities an Northern Europe in terms von tourism und there are numerous direct flights zu Tel Aviv departing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Antalya international Airport which are linked through various residential flights to different cities within Turkey and different urban all over die world. You kann book your ticket an advance plan a holiday und find cheap flights native Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airplane or from Antalya international Airport kommen sie Ben Gurion international Airport.

You tun können book her ticket in advance zu benefit from seasonal promotions offered über Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

The airport, named after the zuerst Israeli ureigensten minister, Ben Gurion, zu sein the international airport von Israel and the busiest airport. It is located ist 20 km southeast of the stadt center.

Ben Gurion international Airport

The airport, called after the zuerst Israeli ureigensten Minister, Ben Gurion, zu sein the international airport von Israel und the busiest airport. Ns airport, which has actually been serving an the field of civil aviation due to the fact that 1973, is one von the many important international airports in the middle East. Die airport has actually a total des 4 terminals and has in annual capacity von 23 million passengers. The airport has actually a very contemporary architecture und has every kinds of facilities zu meet the needs von passengers.

Transport native Ben Gurion international Airport kommen sie the city Center

From Ben Gurion international Airport, you tun können go kommen sie the city center von metro, spaceship or taxi.

The shuttles that offer at the airport around the clock space minibusses zum 3 people. You can reach the stadt center an a brief time v shuttles which price 19 dollars von person.

Metro ist another public fahrzeug that you tun können use zu get zu the city center. Ns subways offer every hour von the day und move every half hour ~ above weekends und every weekday. Metro station ist located punkt terminal 3.

At die airport, you can find a taxi at any time of the day. In addition zu taxis, there are private transfers and shared taxen called sherut. Ns sherut und private move are less expensive than taxis.

If you would like to find a more comfortable und faster option, you kann sein book a taxi or consider car rental services offered von Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

In Tel Aviv, city transportation ist provided by buses, metro, and taxis.

The bus is the most offered public transport. You tun können easily go zu many points in the city von bus. Ns buses usage a public fahrzeug card referred to as Rav-Kav. You kann sein get die cards from the tourist information offices. Bus stations space written in Hebrew, dafür you have to learn the names of your destination.

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Metro lines provide dienstleistungen to Tel Aviv-Yafo, Haifa and Be"er-Sheva regions. Also, the metro line, i m sorry connects to high-speed train station to die surrounding provinces, is the most used public transport vehicle in Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv, there is a bus line that runs late at night bolzen entertainment venues and accommodation areas.


Tel Aviv has actually a vast range des budget accommodation choices ranging from luxury hotels zu hostels. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, die White City, Tayalet, Jaffa, and Liman are ns most densely lived in areas. Florenti Neighborhood and Neve Tzedek are the regions with more affordable accommodation options. From ns southern parts of the stadt to ns north you kann find an ext luxury hotels.

With Pegasus airlines you tun können browse ns available house options und book her hotel bei Tel Aviv punkt affordable prices months bei advance.


blending Mediterranean and Middle east flavors, Israeli cuisine ist rich. Couscous, falafel, fava, shawarma, hummus, und goulash room among die most renowned dishes.

You kann have a look punkt What zu Eat bei Tel Aviv page zum more suggestions about all ns local delicacies.

Useful Information

We have compiled some die info you need zu know kommen sie make her trip zu Tel Aviv more enjoyable and comfortable:

About Visa

Israel has visa agreements with countless countries. Comparable to the visa records required by many countries, valid passport, travel insurance, hotel reservation documents, documents showing your financial situation and return flight fahrkarte are required to be shown/given. You kann visit this webseite to see if your country ist included in Israel"s list of countries with a visa agreement und to learn more about the visa.

Neighboring Cities

There are plenty of beautiful places situated within a quick distance indigenous Tel Aviv.

Petah Tikva, israelisch (20 km)Rishon LeZion, israel (13 km)Ashdod, israelisch (30 km)Jerusalem, israel (54 km)


Tel Aviv"s climate is classified as die Mediterranean. Die winter months room mild and the summer ist hot und humid.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +972Tel Aviv Area Code: 3Airport Contact: +972 3-972-3333English Language notfall Line: 101Airport shuttle Service: +46 767 676808

Places to see

Tel Aviv ist Israel"s top city bei tourism und there are plenty of places kommen sie visit. The alt Jaffa, one des the world"s oldest port urban on the UNESCO world Heritage List, zu sein one of the zuerst places to see. Die White stadt is residence to the most Bauhaus-style houses in the world. Jewish Diaspora Museum und Azrieli Observatory are areas where you kann see the cultural heritage of israelisch closely. Finally, those who desire to see the city"s cultural life and structure kann go to Rotschild Boulevard and Florentin Quarter.

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To learn more about Tel Aviv, you kann sein have a look at  Tel Aviv take trip Guide buchseite that Pegasus airlines prepared zum you.