Bücherverbrennung 10. mai 1933


A member von the SA litter confiscated publications into ns bonfire during ns public burning of "un-German" publications on ns Opernplatz bei Berlin. —United claims Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of national Archives und Records Administration, university Park


On may 10, 1933 student groups weist universities throughout Germany lugged out a series des book burnings von works that ns students and leading nazi party members relevant with in “un-German spirit.” enthusiastic crowds witnessed die burning von books von Brecht, Einstein, Freud, Mann und Remarque, among many other well-known intellectuals, scientists und cultural figures, many des whom were Jewish. Ns largest des these book bonfires occurred in Berlin, where bei estimated 40,000 civilization gathered to hear a speech von the propaganda minister, joseph Goebbels, an which that pronounced the “Jewish intellectualism ist dead” and endorsed the students’ “right zu clean up ns debris of the past.”

The an answer to die book burnings was immediate und widespread. Counter demonstrations take it place in New York und other American cities, including Philadelphia, Cleveland, und Chicago. Journalists bei the American and world drücken sie expressed shock and dismay hinweisen these assaults on German pundit freedom, und various authors wrote bei support of their assaulted German brethren. Artists, writers, doctors, und other pundits fled Germany, prompted über the barbarity des the book burnings und by proceeding acts of nazi- persecution.

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Such barbarity was nur the beginning, however.

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One kann see in retrospect how ns book burnings und other steps zu remove “Jewish influence” indigenous German organizations foreshadowed viel more catastrophic nazi plans for the Jews des Europe. Eerily, among die books consigned to ns flames bei 1933 were die works of the nineteenth century Jewish poet heinrich Heine, who bei 1822 penned die prophetic words, “Where castle burn books, castle will, bei the end, burn humans too.”

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