There ist the Bundesargentur weil das Arbeit, ns federal office. They together with ns communal government möchte together operate und finance die local Jobcenter. They room responsible zum "Grundsicherung weil das Arbeitssuchende" (Hartz4), a combination of lang term unemployment und social help benefits. It's supposed to give freundin a survivable income. It's legally grounded an SGBII. That ist tax financed.

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The Arbeitsamt is responsible weil das Arbeislosengeld, the insurance sponsor benefit. That zu sein dependent on her previous income. Freundin get 60% des what they think freundin earned before zum up to one year with some special situations up to two.

What specifically which of them is doing zu sein reformed every couple of years.

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I work at ns Agenfur für beschäftigt so ich repeat this nearly every day, so let me indulge you:

(Bundes)agentur zum Arbeit: Responsible zum Arbeitslosengeld I, Kurzarbeitergeld, Insolvenzgeld, that kind of stuff. Arbeitslosengeld i as well as Kurzarbeitergeld ist considered in insurance benefit, you pay them monthly from your salary so if sie lose your arbeit or her employer needs to have you arbeiten less than stater in your contract temporarily, ns Agentur für anstellung partly compensates weil das that. Best difference ist the amount sie get, 60% von your last netto income zum Arbeitslosengeld I, und they do not care whether her partner ist rich or you just gott 100k from your grandmother, freundin paid insurance you are gonna gain that money, unless sie don't cooperate in trying kommen sie find a neu job.

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Arbeitsamt - that nur simply doesn't exist anymore. Agentur für anstellung is that rebranding name. Und yes that was kommen sie make it sound an ext positive reason Anstalt ia associated an our language v rehab weil das people who space seriously holy ghost ill. Deswegen i kann see the sense in that.

Jobcenter exist because ca 2004 and pay what zu sein commonly known as Hartz IV. It's taxes money und thus very dependent ~ above how viel money you blieb have, how much your partner earns, exactly how many youngsters you have etc. So in contrast to the Agentur castle would treatment if sie won die lottery. Together people currently pointed out: All von them room run von local government, SOME von them together a joint venture with the Bundesagentur. Local governments had the chance to decide which means they wanna go...not being in a joint venture gives them much more freedom an how they operation things. Being in a share venture means reporting to the Bundesagentur, but it also means sharing resources with them choose IT soft- and sometimes hardware, sometimes facilities, definitely die expertise and also personnel, periodically some von the Agentur Azubis even end up working bei a Jobcenter after they complete their training.

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Most necessary thing kommen sie remember is to know there zu sein a difference. Occasionally they're not in the exact same building und going to ns wrong place when you have an appointment ist always unpleasant. Or calling the wrong place, in these times.