The Kids (right) and Kids Pro (left) tablets are differentiated solely by their cases, Otherwise, all of the software and content on these tablets is the same—and all of it is also available on the other Fire HD 10 models" /> The Kids (right) and Kids Pro (left) tablets are differentiated solely by their cases, Otherwise, all of the software and content on these tablets is the same—and all of it is also available on the other Fire HD 10 models" />


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The children (right) und Kids zum (left) tablet computers are differentiated solely über their cases.

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Otherwise, all of the software and content on this tablets ist the same—and all des it is so available on die other Fire HD 10 models. Amazon"s website is pretty misleading ~ above this. There"s a comparison net on die product pages declare that ns Kids tablet computer has "hand-picked sites" an the web browser, while ns Kids pro version is "open however filtered." but both des those alternatives stem indigenous a software setting in a child"s profile, i m sorry you can set trost on any amazonas tablet. You can set nach oben adult file on the kids" tablet computers too, and they"ll nur work like ns grownup versions.

Keeping Control

Some des the sales key here zu sein around ns parental controls, which room baked in and are much better than die default parental controls ~ above Apple und Android devices.

You tun können set hoch multiple kid profiles with various ages. Independent setups disable ns camera, filter net sites to only show "age-appropriate" persons (by Amazon"s definition), nur you a child"s web history, revolve off in-app purchases, and control all content that shows up on their profile. Die time-limit function zu sein especially good, letting you set easily accessible screen time von type of content or time des day. You can so lock out content von type, impede videos, apps, or internet browsing.

Beyond that, you"re here zum the kids" content. Amazon Kids+ runs on any android tablet or iPad, und with the Kids or Kids jeden device, you get a year of it for free.


The big kids" version has a security case, yet it tries notfall to appear dafür toy-like.

The experience des browsing amazon Kids+ ist a lot like hanging out an the children"s section des your regional library, except freundin don"t need to worry around overdue fees. You"ll discover a lot of well-known, high-quality brands. There"s a ton of Disney-branded tie-in books and also popular series such as badewanne Kitty, large Nate, und Pete ns Cat. Someone on Amazon"s inhalt curation team has made real effort to supply recent publications with asian American und Black protagonists.

When you get kommen sie middle-grade books, you"ll find series such as harry Potter, Warriors, und Wimpy Kid; a lot of rick Riordan; and some Marvel Comics trade paperbacks. Speaking of comics, the Comixology and Overdrive library apps are in Amazon"s Appstore, but Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe room not. (Our Fire HD 10 review explains why dafür many famous apps are unavailable on Amazon"s tablets.)

You do oase to to trust Amazon"s judgment. If sie don"t like commercial tie-in books and only want the classics, auch bad; sie can"t filter ns Disney out. If freundin really want zu be ns master curator, Kids+ isn"t her service. Instead, set nach oben a kid"s profile and add her hand-selected books zu it.


The wenig kids" version has a cute sample on the back and in even an ext formidable kickstand.

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When freundin look hinweisen videos, kid-friendly amazon content gets propelled to ns fore. You can deshalb enable ns Netflix and Disney+ apps, or also Twitch. There"s no youtube app.

See how We prüfung Tablets

Of ns holy trinity of tween gaming apps, Roblox und Minecraft are both available in Amazon"s store; Fortnite ist not. But it"s necessary to note that there"s no ja wirklich power here zum gaming. It"ll play her Toca Boca and dress-up games forever, but in our tests, Roblox pushed die tablet"s limits, mirroring some jitteriness. Ich wouldn"t play an action game on this platform.

After around age 10, youngsters tend zu really it is in turned off über the big, simple, child-friendly interfaces the these kids" tablets offer. Und once they"re analysis chapter publications rather than picture books, it"s best kommen sie get them off an overstimulating LCD screen and onto bei ebook leader or document books. Fortunately, your Kids+ subscription tun können be senden onto her kid"s neu Kindle—and you kann sein then repurpose ns Fire HD 10 Kids zum your own needs, transforming it right into a Fire HD 10 simply über setting up bei adult profile und peeling off the case.

See ns Fire HD 10 testimonial for details of die tablet"s hardware and performance, including audio quality, battery life, and the 1080p 10-inch display.

A High-Walled Sandbox

The Fire HD 10 Kids and Kids pro are both great packages zum delivering safe inhalt to your kids. They so have a bit von processor headroom for Zoom, Roblox, or also some record editing v Microsoft Office.

The Fire HD 8 youngsters costs $50 less than the Fire HD 10 Kids. That processor zu sein less capable, however it"s just fine zum much von the Kids+ content, consisting of smaller-format foto books, videos, and basic games. However, die 8-inch screen ist slightly too small zum comics und bigger picture books. If her kid ist a reader, die Fire HD 10"s bigger screen wollen make a large difference.

The ideal tablet for most kids is still the base-model $329 iPad. It runs far an ext apps, much faster 보다 these tablets do, and it wollen grow through your child"s needs zum the next five kommen sie seven years. But once freundin add die case und separately subscribe zu Kids+ und other content that"s go together with die Fire HD 10 youngsters tablets, ns total cost zu sein around $400.

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If your demands are limited zu backseat entertainment, reading, und low-intensity games, die Fire HD 10 Kids zu sein a capable, budget-friendly choice, and our Editors" selection among low-cost children"s tablets.