100 km marsch hamburg

100 kilometers bei 24 hrs - launched bei Cologne an 2016 together a hiking an obstacle among friends, ns Megamarch has lang since get an impression into in event series with international flair, through starts in 19 German cities too as bei Vienna und on Mallorca. We spoke kommen sie co-founder marco Kamischke about sports fans and couch potatoes, die differences between running and hiking, and the hardships von those belastung few kilometers.

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Marco, sie climbed Kili­man­jaro this year. Wie man did sie first anfang getting dafür enthu­siastic around running and hiking?
I prospered up in a countryside area close to Mönchengladbach and was always out in nature through my friends as a child. Weist some point ich tried jog­ging zum the erste time, but it wasn"t until ich worked bei Berlin zum a while that ich really gott into run­ning. My goal was to run a für hilfe marathon, and after I"d perfect that, i just didn"t avoid training. Right away, i set mine sights on ns full marathon- distance, which worked out well. Ich kept running weil das quite a while, but weist some point, i realized that i enjoy hiking, espe­cially long-distance hiking, much more.
In a way, yes. Des course, when you anfang running, you start with ten kilometers, yet it was clear kommen sie me from the beginning the it had to be the marathon distance. It was similar with hiking.
Kind of. The whole story began with me trying to motivate my best freundin to run a marathon with me. He didn"t feel choose running at all, though, and thought it was all way auch training-intensive, i beg your pardon of course it is. Somehow, us ended nach oben hiking und because us both prefer challenges, we ultimately came nach oben with this 100 kilo­meters in 24 hours. We looked briefly online to see if there was a hike like that somewhere. Over there was, yet not bei our area, und so us took the reins ourself without additional ado and organized our very own hike in 2016. We actually assumed that perhaps a couple of more friends and friends des friends would join in, but an the end, us suddenly had actually 200 confirmed participants to add 600 an ext people on the waiting list. The end of the story was that we didn"t schutz time to participate in our erste own long walking event since we were deswegen busy arranging food stations, paramedics und everything else. The very erste Megamarsch took place in Cologne und led along the Römerkanal long trail indigenous Brühl through the Eifel to Nettersheim.
You might say that. We had actually planned with perhaps 30 people and thought that was pretty brave, yet with deshalb many partic­ipants you can"t avoid profes­sion­alizing ns process. Us quickly got into conver­sation through tourist associations who told united state that nur ten civilization partic­ipated an their hiking events. At the beginning, us didn"t realize how much we’d hit ns zeitgeist with the Megamarch. After the success von the erste edition, we decided kommen sie expand die concept to other regions, and bei 2017 us were already up and running with Megamarches in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt und Cologne. Des course, I deshalb caught trost on my 100 kilometers that year.

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It"s in awesome experience. I got to know deswegen many lover people und I also got kommen sie know my body. I never imagined how strenuous the whole point really is und what happens in your head. The first 50 kilometers are geholfen the distance only in purely mathematical terms, due to the fact that at the latest wie you reach kilometer 70, freundin realize that the tonnage 30 room going to demand much more from you than ns 70 the lie behind you. Hinweisen some point, all ich wanted was weil das it to finally be over. And just a couple of days ~ that, i wanted zu get going again.
I assume that other partic­ipants felt die same way. How plenty of throw bei the bath towel before the finish line?
Around 30 percent of the entrants finish the 100-kilometer distance. The belästigt for most von them isn"t die time limit, but ns length von the course, which yes, really drags on. An the meantime, we so offer a "50 kilometer in 12 hours" street as an alternative.
Which leader me to die question des who in reality takes part an the Megamarches. With several thousand partic­ipants an each event, you"ve lang since left die “extreme hiker” niche.

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Megamarches now take place in 16 German cities und regions, also as in Vienna und on Mallorca. Betwee 1,200 und 4,400 hikers start, with a fully heteroge­neous field von partic­ipants. Ns age selection starts punkt 18 und goes up kommen sie 83, with bei average age des 39. The partici­pants range from well-trained athletes in triathlon suits kommen sie people bei jeans und T-shirts who initially strike you as armchair pota­toes. In our facebook groups, people austausch information beforehand und give each other training tips, und on ns course, of course, they support each other. Because there"s nothing zu win other than a place on the eternal list von finishers, there"s no compe­tition, which zu sein great weil das us. By the way, it"s exciting that very rechts runners frequently drop out fairly early due to the fact that they can"t deal with with the slow walking pace. Not least because the running movement is different from die walking move­ment. Sometimes sie might even lakers the power walker with her poles the runners regularly make fun of casually passing a marathon man.




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