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Sat, may 1, 2021
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Fri, might 1, 2020
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May day (Der erste Mai, Tag der Arbeit) is bei ancient festival zu welcome ns spring weather and to journey away angry spirits. It is deshalb an occasion zu campaign for und celebrate employees rights, particularly in Berlin. Might 1 zu sein a publicly holiday in all German states.

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Is might Day a windy Holiday?

May Day is a publicly holiday. It zu sein a day off zum the basic population, und schools and most businesses are closed.

In 2021, it falls on a Saturday, und some businesses may choose kommen sie follow Saturday opening hours.


Maypoles room prepared zum May work celebrations.

What Do world Do?

Many people in Germany observe die night between april 30 and May 1 as Witches or Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht, Hexennacht). People an some locations light bonfires und spend the evening und night outside. Young civilization may pat pranks, together as moving their neighbors" garden furniture or ornaments to other properties. Maypoles are so prepared for the adhering to morning, well-known as may Day. Young men an Rhineland may put a branch wrapped in colorful ribbons bei the garden of a mädchen he would certainly like to marry. Young frau place this branches an the gardens von young men throughout leap years.

On may 1, some world organize or attend marches or rallies zu campaign zum or celebrate workers" rights in Germany or abroad. These occasions may be tied with campaigns from other European countries. The largest march occurs in Berlin-Kreuzberg, in area of Berlin, und attracts many political activists.

Other world spend part time outdoors enjoying the spring weather on may Day. If this holiday falls close kommen sie Ascension work or ns Pentecost weekend, many world take a portion des their yearly leave und go on a quick vacation in Germany or a neighboring country.

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Public Life

May 1 is a publicly holiday und post offices, banks und many businesses room closed. Almost all stores space closed, return they might be open in tourist areas. However, bakeries, petrol stations and stores punkt railway stations, airports und along highways are often open.

Public fahrzeug services might run a normal, decreased or no leistungen depending on wherein one lives or wants to travel. Traffic might be disrupted in town centers where large parades space held.


Traditionally, people believed that witches hosted Walpurgis Night celebrations on the summit von the Blocksberg, a mountain in the state des Saxony-Anhalt, on die night between april 30 und May 1. People thought that it was dangerous to be outside on this night dafür they lit fires and danced wildly to deter the witches from coming too close to them or their homes. These traditions lead to die custom of lighting fires und erecting maypoles still seen today.

May day (or labor Day) celebrations und similar observances top top workers" civil liberties are worldwide, including in countries such as Australia , Canada, ns United Kingdom and the united States.

About may Day in Other Countries

Read more about might Day.

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